4 Sex Toys For More Adventurous Couples


Sex toys range from tame to totally crazy – and everything in between. If you and your partner want to visit the wild side, these sex toys are a must have!a

The Accomodator Dual Penetrator

This little dildo is actually worn by the man during sex. It functions as a cock ring too, because one of the “straps” slides around the man’s shaft to hold the dildo in place. The second “strap” wraps around the scrotum, holding the dildo in place just below a man’s actual penis.

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What is incredible about this sex toy is that it’s one of the first of it’s kind. Sure, a guy can use a dildo or a vibrator on his girl, but almost never while he is penetrating her himself. This toy changes all of that – for the first time, a man can have double penetration with his girl with only him! He can enjoy the feeling of doing her in both holes at once! A woman can also enjoy the feeling of double penetration without having to use something on herself and without having to engage in a threesome.

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Waterproof Prostate Massager

Many women love giving their men pleasure. Often, the greatest pleasure a woman can give her partner is with a blowjob. Give a man a killer blowjob and you’ll leave him weak in the knees! For some fellas, a blowjob is even better than actual sex. But what if a woman could intensify the orgasm she gives a guy, even on TOP of her best oral sex skills?

She can, if she massages his prostate at the same time. The prostate gland is often referred to as a man’s “g-spot,” and when stimulated, it can give a guy the most powerful, load shooting orgasms he’s ever had in his life. Try using a prostate massager next time you give your lover a blowjob. Yes, you have to put it up his bum, but the title of the article does say that these sex toys are for kinkier partners. Make sure you’re using plenty of lube and that you get him fully aroused. In fact, start with your finger. It never hurts to “start small” and work your way up.

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The Rhino

The Rhino is a penis extension that has lots of other uses also. Place it over your penis for a much longer, thicker cock (use the sizing core if your penis is too short), or use it as a masturbation sleeve, a dildo all by itself or even a vibrator sleeve! While it’s primary use is the best, this thing is pretty versatile if you want to use your imagination.

The thing that makes The Rhino such a “kinky” toy for partners is that it’s really, really huge! It’s extremely long (about 8″) and very thick. This makes it an excellent sex toy to use if you’re role playing different fantasies or if you and your partner want to experiment with a really huge schlong!

Petite Vibrating Nipple Teasers

These vibrating nipple clamps were made with smaller nippled women in mind, so make sure you’re aware of what you’re getting (and what you’re packing in your bra) before you go making a purchase. However, if you do have small nipples (or your partner does) and you want to experiment with some extreme nipple action, these are the ones you want to get.

The clamps are comfortable if you’re small enough and can be worn by both men and women. They tiny vibrating bullets actually cause the clamps to heat up somewhat, so they’re even more fun once you get going. You can also use them as clitoris or labia clamps, which can actually feel better than using them on the nipples. The vibrations and heat are intense, so these really are for kinkier lovers! Use them during sex with your lover or during masturbation for a totally new, orgasmic experience.

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No matter what sex toys you choose for your bedroom fun, how kinky and wild you get all depends on your attitude. Sex toys and other props can help, but you can also have tons of naughty fun without a single prop – just use your creativity!

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