4 Ways To Get Her To Love Sex Toys


Sex toys can be one of the best ways to spice up you and your partner’s sex life. If you feel that the spark is quickly dying you can easily breathe a little more life into your bedroom affairs by taking advantage of the technological innovations of modern sex toys. There are so many to choose from that everybody can find something they like.

A lot of men and women feel that sex toys are a way of cheating, that if their partner can not bring them to orgasm then a sex toys can become a crutch. However, if you love using sex toys and your girlfriend or wife is on the fence, there are a few ways that you can break down the barriers and get her love using them.

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Here are 4 ways to get her to love sex toys.

#1 Dispel The Myths About Sex Toys

As stated before, there are a lot of women that are overly cautious when it comes to sex toys because they believe that they could become dependent on them. If their partner cannot bring them to climax during intercourse, but they can reach intercourse with the use of a sex toy, they might feel like they’re cheating or that it could hurt their partner’s feelings. If your girlfriend or wife has these concerns make sure that you dispel these myths.

Women cannot become physically dependent on sex toys to reach orgasm. Sex toys are enhancements that help a woman to have stronger, more powerful orgasms, but they will not become dependent on them. Dispel these myths with your partner and you will find that they are much more open to trying out sex toys with you.

#2 Find The Right Sex Toys For Her

Finding the right sex toys for your partner is going to be an important step to getting her to love using them. There are so many different devices with so many sizing options that any couple can quickly get lost in all of it. When you want your girl to love sex toys, it’s best to get her the right size and the right functionality.

Whether she is into vibrators or dildos, she needs to find something that is going to be comfortable for her. Smaller girls can’t handle the thickness of some dildos and even the size of some vibrators. Make sure that you are using the right sex toys so that they can get the maximum amount of pleasure. Some sex toy websites will even offer sizing options based on various aspects of her physique such as height and weight.

Check out a few different sex toy web sites to find the right options for her.

#3 Experiment To Find New Toys She Will Like

Experimentation is the bread and butter of almost all relationships. You try something out and see if it works. If you don’t like it then you move onto something else. The same goes with sex toys. If she thinks that she might like a vibrator, but actually responds better to a dildo, go from there.

You can’t know what she is going to like until she tries it out. She needs to try out a few different toys before she will be able to figure out exactly what she likes. Another thing to remember is that she isn’t always going to want the same old vibrator.

Take things a step further and surprise her with a new toy every month or so. This will make her want to experiment and find out what she likes. There is no use in buying a bunch of sex toys that do the same thing. Branch out and try a wide variety of things to find out what she responds to best.

#4 Tell Her About Your Desires And How Sex Toys Can Help

Every guy likes to watch his girlfriend or wife get off. That’s not exactly a well kept secret. However, many women don’t think of it in this light. For some women, their own pleasure is secondary. Some women can get wrapped up in pleasing the guy that they put their own orgasm at the back of the line.

‘Let her know that you like it when she is being pleased. Tell her that it’s a turn on for her to get off and she will be much more open to trying out new sex toys. A sex toy is also a way for you to get her off with a much more powerful orgasm. Once you make it known that you want to give her all of the satisfaction, she will be open to letting you experiment with these new toys.

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