Choosing Sex Toys For Her Without Ending Up In The Dog House


Sex toys can be a wonderful way to spice up your sex life and have better sex with your lover. Choosing sex toys for your partner for a gift or simply because she won’t buy them herself can be a difficult task, but it’s certainly not impossible. If you’re going sex toy shopping solo, here are some great tips for choosing the right one for her without ending up having to sleep on the couch!


Pay Attention To What She Likes In Bed

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There are things she likes in bed and things she doesn’t, so it makes sense to get her a sex toy that is designed for an activity that she enjoys doing with you. Don’t worry, it won’t replace you – the right one will add to your sex life and make it hotter than ever before. For example, does she prefer to have her clitoris stimulated over anything else you do? Buy her a clitoral vibrator, which are designed to massage and stimulate the clitoris only. Or does she prefer vaginal or anal penetration? If that’s the case, select an item that is designed for g-spot stimulation or anal sex – or both!

Pay Attention To Your Penis Size

When picking something out for vaginal penetration, select something that is similar to your penis size. If you have a smaller penis, go for something that isn’t much larger than you are. You don’t have to select something that looks exactly like you in size or shape, but anything along those lines or a little smaller will work well. If you get something that is too large for her, especially for the first time, it may be painful for her. You can always graduate to larger sizes and start experimenting with different styles once you’ve both gotten used to using sex toys in the bedroom. On the same token, if you’re hung like a horse, don’t get a small, short or slim vibrator and expect her to like it – she probably won’t.

Stick With What You’ve Already Tried

When introducing a sex toy to your partner for the first time, you don’t want to get her something designed for an activity that she’s never tried before. This will most likely end badly and with you sleeping out on the couch – or worse, in the doghouse! For example, if she’s never tried anal sex, do NOT get her anal beads or a butt plug! This will make her uncomfortable, whether she decides to try it or not. Either way, you’ve just nixed the idea of ever bringing sex toys into the bedroom again. Instead, choose one that will be used in a way that she’s already familiar with through having sex with you. Most girls enjoy clitoral stimulation, since that’s generally how girls begin to masturbate when they’re younger. A clitoral vibrator is your safest bet if you and your partner haven’t tried much else.

Couples Sex Toys

If you’re bringing sex toys into the bedroom for the first time, you don’t necessarily have to get her something that is designed for her use alone. While these make great gifts later, what you choose for the first time should be something that is for you and her to use with each other. There are lots of sex toys out there for couples, and any sex toy can be used by both you and your lover together. Remote control vibrators give you the power to make her feel pleasure, without her having to do a thing. You can also just use a simple, sleek vibrator with your partner as though you were fingering her. If she enjoys anal stimulation, try using a butt plug or anal beads as you perform oral sex on your lover.

Don’t Forget The Lube

Even the best sex toys aren’t going to be fun to use without the right lube. Choose a lubricant that is either water or silicone based (depending on the material of the item you select) and is easy to clean up. Baby oil and other household “lubes” may break down latex and render the toy useless after just a few ventures outside the bottom drawer of the nightstand. You’ll also want to invest in a good toy cleaner, although hot, soapy water works well too. Specially designed cleaner will keep your toy looking like new for longer – which is a good investment if you end up selecting something that is more expensive or high end. You can also slip a condom over it if you really want it to last!

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