Christian Sex Toys – WTF?


Many people think sex toys are “dirty” or “wrong” and Christians shouldn’t use them. But there is actually nothing in the Bible says that married couples can’t enjoy sex with lubes, massage oils and even sex toys. The problem that most religious people have with shopping for sex toys in a traditional adult store is having to deal with all of the brazenly “adult” products, pictures and porn DVD’s. Is there a way that people of faith can enjoy sex more with their spouses without immersing themselves in the adult entertainment industry?


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While many Christians and other religions believe that sex toys and lube are “dirty” or “wrong,” there is actually nothing in the Bible that suggests that married couples who are using sex toys together are doing anything wrong! There is nothing that says, “Thou shalt not use sex toys,” so the myth that Christians can’t enjoy these additions to their bedroom repertoire is just that – a myth.

More and more Christian sex toy stores are popping up all over the Internet (and some are even actual brick and concrete stores) that cater specifically to religious couples. Book 22 is a website that offers “intimacy products for married couples,” and The Pure Bed is an online “married couples intimacy store.” Those are just a few of these types of stores that are becoming available to this niche – a quick Internet search will reveal dozens of stores that offer similar products for Christians.

The Benefit Of Sex Toy Stores For Christians

Lots of religious married couples are interested in purchasing “marital aids” or “intimacy products” for the bedroom, but don’t want to be assaulted by the sights, sounds and smells of a traditional sex toy store. Most traditional stores like this feature nudity on posters and pictures, as well as on the DVD’s that usually line the walls. Some stores even play samples of their video products on a television in-store! While many people don’t mind seeing men and women in various compromising sex positions, this can be particularly uncomfortable for couples of faith who are simply looking for lube, massage oils, condoms or even just sensual lingerie.

Many Christians enjoy purchasing from these types of establishments because they can usually shop from the comfort of their own home, without putting their sexual desires on display for others to see. The products are shipped in discreet packaging and only the man and woman who are using the sex toys will know what was purchased and from where. Making Christians feel safe when shopping for intimacy products is the goal of most of these stores.

What You WILL Find In A Christian Sex Toy Store

If you’re thinking about purchasing sex toys from a Christian based outlet, you’ll find a lot of great items that are intimate and affordable without being crass or objectionable to religious consumers. You might find things like:

  • Lubes and flavored lubes
  • Vibrators (bullet and torpedo style vibrators are common, while dildos and penis shaped vibrators are usually not offered)
  • Massage oils
  • Intimate, sensual lingerie
  • Sex games
  • Condoms
  • Feather ticklers

What You WON’T Find In A Christian Sex Toy Store

While you will usually find the “tame” stuff at a store that caters to people of faith, don’t expect to find any of these items unless you’re looking in a traditional adult entertainment store:

  • Anal sex products of any kind
  • Pornography
  • BDSM products
  • Gay or lesbian products

Most Christians believe that sodomy is wrong based on biblical texts, so the sex toy stores that cater to this niche aren’t going to offer any type of anal beads, butt plugs or any type of anal sex product. The same goes for gay and lesbian products, since a large percentage of Christian couples believe that homosexuality is prohibited. Pornography usually isn’t available because most pornography features non-married sex, as well as activities such as anal sex that are objectionable.

Have Respect

In today’s society, everyone comes from a different walk of life. Each person has different beliefs and values, and it’s important to respect the beliefs and values of others while staying true to your own. Remember that trying to shove your personal beliefs down someone else’s throat is only going to end badly. Do what you’re comfortable doing and allow others do what they’re comfortable doing. Each person must decide for themselves what is okay for them and what isn’t, and this is part of what Christian sex toy stores are all about – allowing people to shop for what they want in an environment that feels comfortable and safe!

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