Do You Know The 5 Most Popular Sex Toys?


You’ve read about what we think are some of the greatest sex toys, lubes and condoms that are available on the market today, but we want to know what you think are the best sex toys around!

Dan and I were sitting around talking the other day and wondering “what are the most popular sex toys?” Sure, we have our own personal favorites, but what does everyone else like? So we sent an email to our friends at Adam & Eve and they sent us their 5 best selling sex toys so that we could see for ourselves (and share them with you). Watch this video for the results – I guarantee that a few of them will surprise you!


5. Super Head Honcho Masturbator

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The Super Head Honcho Masturbator is actually a male sex toy (sex toy for boys) – it’s a soft, pink, silicone sleeve that slips over the penis to provide super sensations for a man while he’s masturbating. Don’t worry – it can also be used with a partner too! The Super Head Honcho Masturbator has several suction chambers for a truly realistic feeling, and turns inside out for easy cleanup with soap and water.

4. G-Gasm Delight G-Spot Vibrator

The G-Gasm Delight G-Spot Vibrator is a slim, easy to use vibrator that is designed specifically for g-spot stimulation. You can also use it for clitoral stimulation, because the vibrating “egg” at the top of the wand works well for both types of pleasure. The G-Gasm Delight G-Spot Vibrator can be used by even the most novice sex toy users, including your partner on his search for the elusive g-spot.

3. Eve’s Slim Pink Pleaser Vibrator

The Slim Pink Pleaser Vibrator is the perfect introductory vibrator for inexperienced users, and is also good for discreet travel or a simple, go-to vibrator that does the job. It’s just the right size for novice users and provides great vaginal and clitoral stimulation while still being easy to hold and soft but naughtily textured.

2. Adam And Eve’s Clitoral Kisser

The Clitoral Kisser might look a little strange at first, but the perfect clitoral suction it provides makes it an easy to use and devilishly pleasurable sex toy. Great for both individual masturbation and use with a partner, the soft silicone tip gently cups and kisses your clitoris, providing waves of pleasure.

1. Rotating G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Coming in at the number one most popular sex toy is the Rotating G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator. This vibrator is available at a great price for people who have never used a rabbit vibrator before, but is also made with several features to please even the most discerning vibrator user. The Rotating G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator has moving pearls, a rotating shaft, a perfectly angled g-spot tip for intense g-spot pleasure, and adorable rabbit ears for naughty clitoral stimulation. This very well may be the most popular sex toy on the market today for women who want to experience multiple types of pleasure at the same time. Don’t limit yourself to simply using it by yourself – use it with your partner to show him how you like to be pleasured!

There are dozens and even hundreds of different types of sex toys available, whether you’re a novice or experienced sex toy user. Try a few of the toys for yourself and find out what your favorite is!

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