Glass Sex Toys: Playing With Fire And Ice


When shopping for sex toys, you’re going to be inundated with literally hundreds of choices of toys. Each toy is different and serves a different purpose, whether it’s for g-spot stimulation, vibration or anal sex. A great option for both vaginal and anal play are glass sex toys. They’re quite different from your traditional latex or silicone dildo and have many benefits over other styles of sex toys. Here’s what you want to know about glass sex toys and how to keep yours safe and clean.


What Makes Glass Sex Toys So Appealing?

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First of all, glass sex toys are very visually appealing. They’re often handcrafted with high end glass that can come in clear or a variety of different colors swirled together. While many traditional silicone dildos and vibrators are very obviously dildos and vibrators, glass sex toys can easily be mistaken for a small sculpture or work of art. Another major benefit of glass sex toys over other styles of toys is that they retain temperature easily. If you like to play with heat and cold during sex, a glass sex toy may just be right up your alley. If you place your toy in a bucket of ice or the freezer, it is going to become cold very quickly and stay cold. You can take the toy out after just a few minutes if you want it just a little cooler than room temperature, or you can leave it for several minutes or even an hour or two if you want it to feel ice cold. You can also warm it up by running it under warm water or even placing it in a bowl of very hot water. If you use very hot water, definitely allow the toy to cool some before placing it in the anus, vagina or on the clitoris and check the temperature against your wrist before using.

Using A Glass Sex Toy

In addition to excellent geothermal properties, glass sex toys are also very, very hard. They feel quite different from a traditional sex toy, dildo or vibrator. They are excellent for g-spot stimulation and prostate stimulation, because they provide the firmness and intensity needed to reach g-spot or prostate orgasms. Many different types of glass toys can be used for vaginal penetration, but if you plan on using your glass toy for anal penetration, make sure it has a wide base or ring on the outside end. A ring will be uncomfortable if not impossible to sit on, while a flared base at the end of the toy offers more flexibility and comfort. Either way, if it doesn’t have a wide base on the end, it could get lost in the anus and require a trip to the emergency room. Remember to use lube with your toy, but use sparingly. Glass does not need a lot of lubrication to become very, very slippery! Glass sex toys are also incredibly easy to clean. They can be cleaned with simple soap and water or can be placed in your dishwasher for that super smooth clean. Latex or silicone can become harder to clean after prolonged use, even if you use a special sex toy cleaner. On the other hand, when you clean glass sex toys, they stay clean.

Selecting A Glass Sex Toy

When choosing a glass sex toy, it is important to consider the quality of the item. In this case, you really are going to get what you pay for. High end, quality glass is more resistant to breakage and chipping whereas other types of glass toys may be more apt to break or chip easily. Never, ever substitute a glass sex toy for a glass beverage bottle or any other type of glass object. If you want to use glass for sex, get a glass sex toy! Choose one that you like but that also suits your needs and what you’re going to use it for. A glass dildo with a flared base can be used for both anal sex and vaginal penetration, while one without a wide base can only be used for vaginal sex. To keep your glass sex toy in good condition, clean after every use and regularly inspect your toy for cracks, breaks and chips. Never, ever use a chipped or cracked glass toy! Keep your glass toy stored at room temperature, preferably wrapped in a soft cloth or towel. When properly cared for, a glass sex toy is a worthwhile investment – they can give you unimaginable pleasure and incredible orgasms, as well as last for many, many years.

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