Homemade Sex Toys – Part 2


Homemade sex toys are definitely a popular alternative to professional sex toys because they’re often much more convenient to purchase (especially for girls and guys under the age of eighteen) and use. Many things – such as phallic shaped vegetables – you can purchase at the grocery store, and others you already have lying around your house. However, does that mean that homemade sex toys are better to use? Not exactly. Here are some popular homemade sex toys, as well as some professional alternatives that just might serve you a little better.


Cucumber Or Zucchini

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A very popular homemade sex toy is the cucumber or zucchini. Many girls like to experiment with these instead of a traditional dildo, because it is easy to experiment with different sizes, shapes and textures. Other popular vegetables that can be used in place of a dildo include carrots and celery. These types of vegetables are popular sex toys among teenage girls and women alike, because they do not require a special trip to an adult toy store – instead, they’re available everywhere, including your local grocery and convenience stores. The downsides to using phallic shaped sex toys in lieu of professional sex toys is that many vegetables have cuts or knicks in them that can harbor bacteria. This bacteria can be transferred to the vagina or anus and can cause an infection in the body. If you must use a vegetable instead of a sex toy, slip a condom over it.

Adam & Eve Alternative: Slim Pink Pleaser or The Illumination by Doc Johnson.

Spinning Toothbrush

Some women enjoy using a spinning or sonic toothbrush on the clitoris in place of a vibrator. This will actually definitely work well in a pinch, especially if you’re traveling and don’t want to take your favorite sex toy with you. However, this is probably not something you want to use long term, because frankly, there are just so many better things out there to use to massage and stimulate the clitoris to achieve orgasm. Besides, you don’t really want to put your toothbrush back in your mouth after you’ve just gotten done using it down there, do you? Professional sex toys designed for clitoral stimulation are probably the best choice here, because many of them are just as discreet and easy to use. Think of a soft, squishy yet textured clitoral vibrator that feels just like a tongue – plus more.

Adam & Eve Alternative: The Illumination by Doc Johnson or The Clitoral Kisser

Toilet Paper Roll

Many guys use a toilet paper roll for masturbation instead of their hands – ouch! They achieve a “vagina like feel” by stuffing a grocery bag inside the roll and squirting lube inside to allow it to slide up and down the penis. While this is definitely a cheaper alternative than a professional male masturbator, there are definitely some disadvantages to using this type of homemade sex toy. First of all, a male masturbator made from latex or silicone just feels better, and can come textured or ribbed for your pleasure. Paired with a good lube, a male masturbator will make it feel more like a vagina. Male masturbators are surprisingly inexpensive and easy to purchase – plus they can be turned inside out and cleaned thoroughly (with either special sex toy cleaner or good old fashioned hot soapy water) to make it last longer.

Adam & Eve Alternative: The Super Head Honcho Masturbator


Men and women have both been known to use spring clothespins as nipple clamps. This is actually a very bad idea! Clothespins cannot be adjusted at all to make them squeeze harder or softer, and usually they squeeze really, really hard (unless they’re broken). Clothespins can squeeze too hard and hurt or bruise the nipple, making it painful for days afterwards. Instead, try to find professional nipple clamps with a sliding adjuster on it that will allow you to control how hard the clamp will squeeze. If you like rough sex, move the slider so that the clamp squeezes harder. If you prefer vanilla sex, adjust the clamp so that it only gives you a light pressure sensation.

Adam & Eve Alternative: Feather Fetish Nipple Clamp or Micro Vibrating Nipple Clamps

DIY Anal Beads

Some people who enjoy anal sex are using marbles, golf balls or other round objects of varying sizes and placing them in a condom to create a homemade set of anal beads. They either tie the condom in knots between the round objects or use string to tie them. While this will work to provide stimulation of the prostate gland, it is a very dangerous homemade sex toy to use. The condom can easily break and the objects inside can get lost inside the anal cavity, causing you a very expensive and embarrassing trip to the emergency room. Most anal beads are inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes for people who enjoy different anal sensations. Anal beads are also safer to use because they can be cleaned thoroughly with a toy cleaner or soap and hot water. It is extremely important to keep your anal sex toys clean and wash them after each and every use!

Adam & Eve Alternative: x10 Anal Beads

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