Sex Toy Buying Guide – How To Pick The Perfect Toy For You


A great sex toy can be great for those dry spells where you aren’t quite back in the relationship scene. Although couples all over the world that use sex toys for relationship enhancement, many single girls have found the companionship of sex toys to be a welcomed crutch while waiting for the right guy to come along. If you are interested in getting the perfect sex toy for yourself there are a few things that you should consider beforehand. Finding the right toy for your body is not as easy as you might think, but you can sift through the thousands of toys and get one that is right for you. Here is a short guide on how to pick your perfect sex toy.

What Kind Of Stimulation Do You Like?

There are many different toys that offer a lot of different types of stimulation. Whether you’re looking for a dildo, vibrator, or a butt plug, you have to decide what is going to help you reach orgasm the fastest. Are you more of a clitoral stimulation type or do you enjoy deep penetration? Discovering what you like the best is going to help you find the perfect toy for yourself. Some women prefer smaller clitoris vibrators while other like giant butt plugs. If variety is the spice to your sex life, consider getting a multi-toy that will meet all of your needs.

Your Body Type

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The vagina is an amazing organ. It can expand, contract and adapt to many different toys. But when you’re considering the perfect sex toy for you, you have to be realistic about your body type. Some women have a very small vagina where others can accommodate larger toys. Being honest about what you can handle is going to keep you comfortable. Going with a toy that is not right for your body type can actually cause damage to your vagina and will leave you overly cautious about using toys in the future. Don’t overstep your bounds and you should be fine.

Sex Toy Textures

There are many different toys on the market and many different textures to choose from. When you are choosing the perfect sex toy you need to consider what the best texture is. Do you love the feeling of metal or do you want something that is going to simulate the feel of an real penis? Some women prefer to have something that feels realistic while others like to save this feeling for when they are with an actual partner. Determine what kind of texture you want in your toy and take any allergies into consideration. Some toys contain latex and other materials that can cause irritation so be aware of this when you are buying them.

Future Use

The perfect sex toy doesn’t just have to be about you. When you are looking at all the choices, consider the future use of the toy in your next relationship. Buying toys is great for bringing you closer with a partner, but there are a lot of things that you might want to do by yourself. Consider whether or not it would be a turn on to have your next partner use a toy on you. You might not want find it hot to use a specific toy on yourself, but the thought of having a guy use one on you could be something that sends you over the moon. Dildos, vibrators, and other toys that are designed for couples can easily put a spark in your next relationship.

Explore A Fantasy

Have you always wanted to explore a certain fantasy? One of the best ways to expand your sexual horizons is to buy a sex toy that you have always wanted to try, but never went through with. Some women have an interest in anal sex, but have never had the guts to thoroughly explore this. Experimentation with your body is a natural curiosity and when you have some solo time on your hands you can find out if your fantasy is really what it you want. Men really appreciate a woman that is in tune with her body and her sexual needs. If you have a fantasy that you have been too embarrassed or too scared to live out, try it out on your own with your next sex toy. You don’t have to go all in with whips and chains, but you can easily find out if this is something you are truly interested in or just a fantasy.

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