How To Tell If YOU Need A New Sex Toy!


Sex toys can burn out over time, or you can get tired of them. Sometimes, you just want something you’ve never tried before! From time to time, you’re going to have to replace your sex toys or buy new ones, but it can be hard to part with a favorite. Here are five things to look for to tell if you need to chuck your current vibrator and go shopping for sex toys!

It Runs On Batteries

There are a lot of great sex toys that run on batteries, but there are far, far better ones that are rechargeable! They cost a little more, but in the long run, you’re paying for that in batteries anyways. Rabbit style vibrators use a LOT of juice, and if you own one, you’re probably at the store buying batteries every other week.

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If your favorite sex toy runs on batteries, consider replacing it with a version that is rechargeable. If you’re looking for a Rabbit style vibrator, try the LELO Ina. Smaller bullet style vibrators also come rechargeable.

It Contains Phthalates

While jelly sex toys look really pretty, they can contain dangerous chemicals called phthalates that have been linked to cancer. If your sex toy contains phthalates, you could be unknowingly increasing your risk for developing cervical cancer. Ditch the cheap jelly materials and get something made from body safe silicone, wood or hard plastic. If you absolutely have to have sex toys made from jelly material or any material containing phthalates, protect yourself by slipping a condom over it before insertion.

The Vibrations Aren’t As Strong As They Used To Be

When you first got your vibrator, it was perfect. The vibrations were exquisite and catapulted you to orgasm land in no time flat. But a few months later, you notice that it takes a little longer to reach orgasm, and you have to press a little harder each time to feel the vibrations. Are the vibrations getting weaker? Probably. Sex toys aren’t made to last forever. If yours constantly sounds like it’s running out of power (even if you just put fresh batteries in), it may be time for an upgrade.

It Looks Dingy Or Has An Odor

Unfortunately, not all sex toys are non-porous. When shopping for one, try to get a body safe toy that IS non-porous (like glass), but you may not have known that going into purchasing your current one. If any of the sex toys you’re currently using don’t look as clear or shiny as they used to, or they’ve picked up an odor, it’s time to throw them away. Sex toys made from porous materials like jelly can pick up bacteria during use, and body fluids can begin to soak in. When you really think about it, you don’t want that hanging around in your nightstand!

You Want A New One

Every girl should have her own sex toy – or more than one! Couples should also have plenty of sex toys to play with! If you simply want a brand spanking new toy (whether it is an exact replica of your very favorite or something you’ve never tried before), you have every right to get yourself what you want! Even if you just bought one and you’re not happy with it or want something to accompany it, go out and get another one! Get whatever you want, provided you’ve got the funds.

Get A Good One!

You also have the right to invest in a good sex toy. Go for quality materials from a reputable manufacturer. Be choosy. Consider where you want to use it and what you want it to do. Do you want to travel with it, or do you want one that is ultra discreet? Try the LELO Mia – it’s rechargeable via USB port and looks like a tube of lipstick. Do you want a clitoral vibrator that is completely waterproof and you can use in the tub or shower? Get the We-Vibe Touch.

Look for the sex toys that meet both your needs and your desires. If you really would benefit from having a vibrator that you can take with you anywhere (for example, if you travel a lot for work), or the only peace and quiet you get in a crazy household is in the shower, then spending the extra money on a vibrator that meets your needs and gives you what you want is well worth it.

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