Male Sex Toys – 5 Things That AREN’T For Her!


Male sex toys are becoming more and more popular as guys realize that they’re not only for women. Men can have just as much fun during masturbation as a woman can! Here are some must have male sex toys!

A Masturbation Sleeve

Every guy needs one of these! Forget masturbating with your hand – these soft jelly or skin-like sleeves are specifically designed to maximize a man’s pleasure during masturbation. Male sex toys just don’t get any better than this – there are hundreds of different materials, sizes and looks to choose from, so it’s not at all difficult to find one that you really enjoy. Men who use masturbation sleeves report better, deeper orgasms and more overall satisfaction.

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Also, keep in mind that to use a masturbation sleeve, you need a bottle of lube hanging around. Most lube will work, but pay attention and don’t use silicone lubes with silicone sleeves, or oil based lubes with latex sleeves. A good, water based lubricant will work with any material.

A Cock Ring

Most guys don’t think about using a cock ring during masturbation, but it can make a world of difference! Cock rings aren’t just for guys who have erectile dysfunction and can’t keep it up, nor are they just for couples who like a vibrating bullet in between them. A soft jelly cock ring can just feel great during masturbation, while a stiffer one can prolong a man’s erection and make his orgasm absolutely incredible.

A Prostate Stimulator

You may have heard that the best male orgasm comes from massaging the prostate gland – however, many guys are still too shy to try anal stimulation. If you can get past the “ick” factor that many men have when thinking about playing with the anus during masturbation, you can have a lot of fun and even more pleasure.

A good drawer full of male sex toys isn’t complete without a prostate stimulator. If you’re new to it, or are still a little creeped out by it but want to achieve that amazing orgasm that everyone is always talking about, try starting with a smaller prostate stimulator. A tiny butt plug will get you used to anal play during masturbation, and as you get more and more into it, you can replace your beginner’s sex toys with more advanced ones.

A Penis Pump

Penis pumps are also not male sex toys that are confined to men that struggle with erectile dysfunction. Any man can enjoy a penis pump, especially if he wants to mimic the sucking feeling produced during oral sex or if he just wants a bigger, harder erection. Penis pumps are often inexpensive, and you can even get pumping models that have a soft jelly or skin-like “masturbation sleeve” attachment.

Be careful when using a penis pump, and never, ever use a vacuum cleaner instead of a pump made specifically for sex. If you pump too hard, you can cause bruising or pain and discomfort. Not worth it! But when used correctly before or during your masturbation session, you can experience more pleasure with a bigger, longer and harder penis.

A Masturbator Mount

If you really want masturbation to feel like a vagina, try purchasing a masturbator mount. Some mounts may only be compatible with some brands of masturbation sleeves, while other types of sleeves cannot be mounted at all. If you’re looking into a mount, make sure you choose one that is compatible with the masturbation sleeve that you already have or are willing to purchase a new one.

A masturbator mount will hold the masturbation sleeve for you, so you can enjoy it absolutely hands free. There are different styles of mounts depending on which sex position you enjoy most – and you can pick the one you like instead of trying to find one that you and someone else will enjoy!

You will love the hands free action that a mount can provide, because it makes it feel even more like sex. Even with a masturbation sleeve, there’s something about doing it with your hands that makes it feel not as good as the real thing (probably because it isn’t the real thing). However, with a mount, you can trick your brain into thinking you’re actually doing the dirty, especially if you close your eyes or have your favorite porn playing on the television in front of you. Just don’t forget to lock the doors!

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