Q&A: Long Distance Sex Toys – a.k.a. Teledildonics


With long distance relationships, one of the toughest obstacles is feeling physically intimate with your partner. Fortunately, with the advance of webcams and voice chat, you can feel like you’re in the same room as your partner! Here’s the newest technology for long distance sex toys, also known as teledildonics.

Question: Hey Dan and Jenn! Firstly, thanks for answering my last question. I’m in a long distance relationship at the moment – I’m in Denmark and my boyfriend is in Turkey. Our relationship is great and we fulfill our needs over webcam often, but I was wondering if there was any remote control sex toys that could work over that distance? I could send it to him and give him control over my sexual pleasure! I love your show and you both have always been very helpful to me, so thanks and have a wonderful day!

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Advances In Sex Toy Technology

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While remote control vibrators have been around for awhile, teledildonics hasn’t. Remote control vibrators are usually battery powered, and the remote has a very short receiving distance. These types of vibrators are great for spicing up sex play in the bedroom (or another room) with your partner but have no real application for long distance relationships. Teledildonics, on the other hand, allow partners over long distances to control each other’s sex toys over the Internet. Imagine being able to give your partner an orgasm from thousands of miles away!

Teledildonic Sex Toys For Her

In the future, we will see more options available for teledildonic sex toys, but right now the best toy out there for her is an Internet enabled rabbit vibrator. The rabbit vibrator is one of the most popular vibrators available for women, allowing for penetration, g-spot stimulation and clitoral tickling all in one. The Internet enabled rabbit allows your partner to control your vibrator from wherever he is. He can choose when to tickle your clit, when to stimulate your g-spot and how hard or fast he wants it to go. With this teledildonic sex toy, your orgasm is completely in the hands of your partner! This is an excellent option for couples in long distance relationships or those where one or both partners are away on business often.

Teledildonic Sex Toys For Him

The Real Touch teledildonic masturbator is one of the most revolutionary male masturbators available on the market. This device is designed to be used in conjunction with adult videos, and uses USB technology to sync the motions of the Real Touch with what the adult video star is doing onscreen. The Real Touch offers gentle heat to simulate natural body heat and a lubricant dispenser to mimic the way a woman’s vagina will lubricate itself during sex. While the Real Touch device can be somewhat difficult to clean as it cannot be submerged in water or placed in your dishwasher, many men will enjoy the ability to masturbate completely hands free. This is an excellent teledildonic sex toy for long distance relationships, but it can also be used by any man who wants a revolutionary masturbatory experience.

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