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Sex toys aren’t just for advanced users. Virgins who choose not to have sex yet still want satisfaction! Whether you’re a teen looking into exploring your body before choosing to become sexually active, or you’re abstaining from sex but still want to have great orgasms, you definitely want to have a great sex toy in your nightstand! However, a huge dildo probably isn’t the best choice. What are good sex toy choices for virgins or women who are abstaining from intercourse?

Question: I’m a young virgin, and I want an inexpensive sex toy that won’t stretch me out. Any suggestions?


Clitoral Vibrators

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First off, if you don’t want to deal with insertion at all, your best option is a vibrator designed specifically for the clitoris. All it does is sit on top of the clitoris and vibrate – no insertion required! This is also the perfect choice if you’re a virgin and don’t want to stretch yourself out or damage your hymen in any way. In fact, many women prefer clitoral vibrators over other styles of sex toys simply because they can provide some of the best orgasms! The clitoris was designed for sexual pleasure – and that’s it! It has no other function at all except to provide pleasure. Many women – even very sexually experienced ones – choose clitoral vibrators again and again simply because it’s one of the easiest and best ways to reach climax!

Small, Slender And Discreet Vibrators

There are many small and slender vibrators out there that are designed for insertion, but they are so slender, they’re not going to stretch you out at all. In fact, many slender vibrators are thinner than a tampon! While you definitely want to stay away from Rabbit style sex toys (those can be quite large and are better suited to advanced sex toy users) and large dildos, small and slender vibrators might just be right up your alley. Most of these types of sex toys are designed to be discreet, and can fit in your purse or may look like a tube of lipstick. These make excellent starter sex toys, especially if you’ve never had sex before and are just starting to experiment with sex toys!

Bullet And Torpedo Style Vibrators

A bullet style vibrator is a must have for every woman, simply because it is so small and versatile. A simple bullet vibe can be placed on the clitoris or in the vagina, and some of them can be inserted into cock rings and used for couples pleasure (when you get there). Torpedo style vibes are also popular – they’re generally just a longer version of the bullet vibe. Jimmy Jane makes excellent torpedo style vibrators – they’re extremely classy and barely even an inch in width. G-spot vibrators are also popular, because they typically have a larger bulb on the top, followed by very slender handle.

Remember That Your Vagina Is Made To Stretch

While you certainly don’t want to purchase any sex toys that make you feel uncomfortable or feel too big for you, keep in mind that your vagina is designed to stretch and return to it’s normal shape. It’s not as though you’re going to put a vibrator in there and your vagina is going to stretch out and never return to it’s normal size. It will! The vagina will even return to it’s normal size and shape after giving birth – and that is definitely stretching. The only thing that won’t return to normal after using an insertable sex toy if you’re a virgin is your hymen – once you break that, it’s done and over with. But also know that the hymen can be broken during a variety of non-sexual activities, such as horseback riding, gymnastics, or even inserting a tampon.

Inexpensive Sex Toys

While there are lots of inexpensive sex toys out there that are great, there are many that aren’t so great. While price is a good thing to keep in mind when shopping for sex toys, you really don’t want to compromise on quality. Make sure whatever toy you choose is manufactured with body safe, phthalate free materials (or slip a condom over it if you’re not sure) and is made by a reputable company. Buying cheap sex toys may make your wallet feel better now, but you won’t be pleased when you open the package and find that it stinks like chemicals or the vibrations are weak. If you can find actual user reviews on the sex toys you’re considering purchasing, read through them! They can really help you decide whether or not a particular toy is right for you.

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