Sex Machines – Do Women Even Need Men Anymore?


Sex machines have clitoral vibrators, dildos and even anal attachments – way more than any guy has in his “tool box.” Even if a guy has a huge penis, he still doesn’t vibrate, does he? So do girls even need guys for sex?

What Are Sex Machines?

Sex machines are often seen in porn – especially fetish porn or other types of specialized porn. They are machines designed to simulate intercourse, penetration, oral sex and more, often at much higher speeds than can be achieved through traditional sexual intercourse or oral sex. The most popular speed is about 160 strokes per minute, but many models can do up to 300 strokes per minute without ever breaking a sweat.

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There are many different varieties of sex machine, ranging from those simple in design to ones that have an attachment that stimulates almost every hot spot imaginable. Some of the more unique sex machines are:

  • A custom designed model that simulates the licking of a clitoris with molded silicone tongues that are attached to a chainsaw
  • Models for double penetration
  • Models with attachments that spray water on the clitoris and penetrates the vagina at the same time
  • A vacuum powered clitoris pump or nipple stimulator
  • A spanking machine
  • Models that are designed to penetrate two women at once

What Can Sex Machines Do?

The majority of sex machines are going to be seen in porn, used by women who are alone and masturbating. They have a variety of uses, however. They can be used by a woman for female masturbation, or by men with a male masturbator attachment. They can be used for anal sex, clitoral orgasms, nipple play and even spanking and restraining. There are many different models of sex machines out there, so whatever you like, you’ll probably be able to find a machine that does it for you.

Sex machines can also be used by couples that desire more in their sex life than just what trying different sex positions and other things to spice up sex can offer. Men who entertain a cuckold fantasy will definitely love watching their wives get banged by a mechanical dildo, while women may enjoy watching their partners be slowly pleased with a soft and squishy masturbator.

Are They Really Better Than Sex?

Orgasms with sex machines are often harder and much more intense than an orgasm that is experienced during sex with a partner. Women who have never experienced an orgasm can have one with a sex machine, and women who have never experienced female ejaculation will often squirt during sex with a machine without even knowing they can. This is because:

  • Sex machines offer intense speeds that no human could possibly replicate
  • They offer steady stimulation at the same speed, which for a woman, is necessary for orgasm
  • They are designed specifically for firm g-spot stimulation, which can cause squirting
  • They never get tired and they’re always around when you want them
  • They offer just about any type of stimulation that you want
  • Creative folks, mechanics and those good with their hands can often create their own sex machines that are designed specifically for their pleasure

Nothing Can Replace A Partner’s Intimacy

While sex machines can really deliver when it comes to the physical stimulation department, that’s not always what guys and gals are looking for when it comes to sex and lovemaking. Women who enjoy a fast and hard orgasm during masturbation with a sex machine are still going to need that emotional intimacy that only a partner can give.

Sex machines can’t give hugs, tell a woman she’s beautiful or take her out to dinner. They can’t look into the eyes of their man while they give them a slow, deep blowjob and they can’t touch and kiss softly during foreplay. While sex machines do have a lot to offer, they lack the critical emotional and physical intimacy that comes from real sex with a real, live partner.

Should You Get A Sex Machine?

They are fairly expensive, especially if you choose to get the kind of high quality models that you see in porn films. However, if you have the space and privacy at home for one, they can be a fun investment for masturbation and erotic play with your lover.

Safety Tip

Never try to turn a nail gun, a drill, a saw or a chainsaw into a homemade sex toy. If something goes wrong – like the saw cuts through the dildo you shoved on it – you can really hurt yourself or someone else. Only use sex machines you’ve purchased from a reputable company and follow all recommended safety guidelines.

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