Sex Toys And Travel – What You Need To Know


Traveling with sex toys can be tough – do you really want to get caught by airport security with a buzzing vibrator in your luggage? If you want to avoid getting embarassed when vacationing by having your sex toys discovered, but still want to bring your favorite vibrators, dildos or masturbation sleeves with you to your destination, here’s what you need to know. Just follow these tips to keep your intimate goodies safe and away from curious eyes.


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Before going on your trip – whether you plan to travel by air, sea or by car – consider purchasing a smaller size sex toy instead of bringing your usual items with you. Smaller size objects are usually much more discreet and can be packed away nicely in a side pocket, makeup bag or even your purse. They’re much easier to handle than larger dildos and vibrators and the risk of getting caught with one is much lower than if you bring your Rabbit or a giant, penis-shaped dildo.

Small, bullet shaped vibrators are easy to carry (some can even be put on your keyring) and aren’t going to cause any suspicion if they get found, because they can pass for just about anything – even lipstick. If you’re worried that a small vibrator isn’t going to give you what your dildo at home does, don’t be too concerned about it. The smaller vibes will get the job done and a bigger, better orgasm isn’t worth having your favorite sex toy found – or worse, confiscated!

Discreet Sex Toys

While it is harder for someone else to tell that tiny bullet vibes are actually sex toys at first glance, there are other vibrators that are ultra discreet and designed specifically for stealth. Take the rubber duckie vibrator for example. Designed to look just like a simple rubber duckie for the bathub, it has a secret vibrating beak and tail that will turn a boring bubble bath into something much more! Small, handheld clitoris vibrators can be held in the palm of your hand and could easily pass for a laptop computer mouse, while other discreet sex toys look like pens with a secret vibrating end!

Tips For Traveling With Sex Toys

One you’ve picked your favorite out of the many sex toys that are great for vacationing, there are also some other guidelines you’ll want to follow just to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Bring lube with you, but remember that lube is a liquid and needs to comply with the same airport guidelines for other liquids such as shampoo, lotion, sunscreen, etc.
  • Keep the other items in your bag clean and dry by making sure you place your lube bottle in a plastic zipper bag in case there is leakage.
  • Take the batteries out of any vibrator that you bring and pack them separately. Nothing draws attention at the airport than a vibrating suitcase!

If You Get Busted

Even if you’ve taken every precaution that you can to make sure your sex toys don’t get discovered while you’re traveling, you still might get busted. Remember though, even if you do get caught with a sex toy or vibrator in your luggage, it’s not illegal. Even the largest, most offensive “mega g-spot dildos” aren’t illegal to have with you while in a car, on a plane, or going on a cruise. You’ve done nothing wrong by bringing something of a sexual nature in your bag so you’re not going to get in trouble – it’s just going to be a pretty embarassing situation.

You can, however, lessen the embarassment by having a sense of humor about the situation! Laugh it off and say, “That’s my vibrator, sorry!” The security guards have pretty much seen it all before and don’t have the time to stand around and show everyone your sex toys. If you do get caught, your vibrator will most likely be shoved back into your bag and the line will move on. However, if you act suspiciously when your sex toys get pulled out of your bag for examination, they may think that there’s something more to it than just batteries, lube and fuzzy handcuffs. That’s something you don’t want to have to deal with! If you get busted, brush it off and move forward with having fun while traveling because that’s what it’s all about!

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