How To Get Her To Love Sex Toys


Sex toys are an excellent way to help women achieve orgasm during sex or by themselves. If you would like for your girlfriend or wife to LOVE using sex toys, there are a few things that you should know. Not all girls are going to be as thrilled about using a butt plug or a vibrator during sex.

Some of them will outright refuse it. However, the vast majority of women are going to embrace the sentiment of expanding their sexual horizon with you and engage in some kinky fun with sex toys if you present it to them properly.

Talk To Her About It

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Before you rush off to an adult superstore or jump on your favorite website, talk to your girlfriend or wife about incorporating sex toys into the relationship. There are a lot of girls that would rather change positions or techniques rather than stick some plastic vibrating apparatus into their vagina.

If your girlfriend or wife is hesitant about trying a sex toy, tell that they don’t have to be dirty to have a sex toy. Most girls that are hesitant about using sex toys are embarrassed about their sexuality. Ask them why they do not want to use sex toys and about how sex toys can help them enjoy sex more.

Know Her Limits

You can’t just use any old sex toy on your girl. Make sure that you know her limits and what she is up for. While a girl might be game to use a small vibrator, that doesn’t give you recourse for buying a giant double-dong. Ask the girl what kind of sex toys she has always wanted to try.

Bringing her into the mix is going to increase the chances of a good experience. Chances are that she has always had a fantasy of something. This could be the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about her and what turns her on.

Shop Together

There are sex toys that come all shapes and sizes. Your girlfriend or wife is going to know her body much better than you do. Sure you spend a lot of time down there, but that doesn’t mean that you know big of a vibrator she needs. Remember that you’re not the one that the sex toys are going to be used on.

When you go to the adult store or shop online, do it together. She might have her eye on a g-spot massager where you are going for the clitoral stimulator. Girl’s know their body much more than you do so let her take the lead or at least give you an idea of what she wants before you ever spend any money.

Get Lube

Don’t rely on the girl to get wet just because she is trying something new. Yes, sex toys can exciting and she might not need it, but going to a sex store or even shopping online gives you the opportunity to stock up on a much needed item. Lube can be used for just about everything from sex to a massage. If you see a bottle of lube at the store, pick it up just to be safe. The toy might be a little bigger than she anticipated and that extra bit of lube can make a huge difference in her experience.

Don’t Rely On The Toy

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to let up once you have a sex toy. The toy is there to enhance what is already happening, not to replace it. Remember to use a lot of foreplay when you are with your girlfriend or wife. Don’t rely on a vibrator taking her to the edge. You should already know what is going to push her buttons and get her turned on before the sex toy ever comes out.

Let Her Take Control Of The Toy

Yes, you have a new toy and you want to play with it. Slow down though. Just because you want to play with it doesn’t mean that you’re going to know how she likes it. Let her be in charge of the sex toy. If she was a little hesitant to even bring the toy into the bedroom, the last thing that you want to do is have her feel uncomfortable with you poking and prodding at her. Let her do what feels good. Let her give herself an orgasm or two with it. When she’s ready, she will give you the go ahead to start using it on her.

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