Sex Toys – Let Adults Enjoy the Right to Buy and Sell Them


There are many threats facing our nation today: global warming, the economy, terrorism, health care, etc.

But none of these stack up against the greatest threat facing us today: the proliferation of sex toys. At least it was a problem in the state of Texas until a Federal Appeals court overturned a statewide ban on sex toys.

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At issue, the distribution of sex toys and other adult items for couples and singles at “Tupperware” like parties. The law made it illegal based on the idea that such sales were deemed “obscene devices”. A person caught doing this could spend up to two years in jail.

Thankfully the courts saw this rule coming into conflict with the right to privacy (the 14th Amendment for you and I) and struck it down.

Thank God it got shot down because I know it would be a strange sight seeing men and women on the street corners trying to sell hummingbirds and G-spot wands to couples in need of a fix. This means the only two states left to overturn such a ruling and join the rest of the country in the 21st century are Alabama and Mississippi.

Laws like this one hurts those who are hosting and distributing marital aides and sex toys to couples and singles looking for extra fun in the bedroom. Meanwhile, there are those who feel you (a consenting adult) shouldn’t have these items for fear of perversion and abnormal behavior in the bedroom.

The truth about sex toys

Truth is sex toys only pose the simple threat of adding spice into the life a single person or a couple. Sex toys offer variety into the bedroom; God forbid if we add some flavor into the bedroom.

With growing frustration in the bedroom, couples breaking up over a lack of variety what crime is committed if couples want to make their relationship stronger?

Let’s break it down for you, sex toys or marital aides will help ensure relationships and relieve stress. Any time we can relieve stress in this world of ours is a very good thing. Sex toys don’t diminish you as a person or single you out as inferior in the bedroom.

Benefits for men and for women

Men sometimes feel having one (or using one) threaten ones manhood. But it takes a real man to admit he alone may not be the only thing to bring your partner their pleasure. Using a sex toy heightens the experience and can bring pleasure and enjoyment in the long run (not to mention rest from the wear and tear of your member).

For women, it is a chance to get in touch with your body. It is sad there are women out there who never had an orgasm until late in life. These tools are good aides to help women find the right points and areas to achieve orgasm.

Why there is an issue with sex toys

Single people are stigmatized (especially women) for buying such items because to some it signals you don’t need a man (or women), you’re inferior in the bedroom, or you have “issues” you don’t want your mother to know about.

Enough with the myths, fact is there is no shame for men or women to own or use a sex toy. What better safe sex you can have than with yourself; you can make your own sex play fun and pleasurable by taking these aides and have a good time. If others can’t see you’re not deviant in doing so then get them a vibrator too. Sounds like they could use one badly.

Alternatives to sex toy parties

Those who are in the Christian community who feel uncomfortable coming to a pleasure party or an adult bookstore/gift shop there is It is a great site geared for Christians couples (if you’re wondering about the name of the site look up Song of Solomon—22nd book in the Bible). It is a safe place to explore options to bring enjoyment in the most sanctified bedroom.

Its still early to find out if the Texas Attorney General’s office will have the case tried again, but I hope the good people of the Lone Star state leave it rest. Sex toys are both a pleasure and purposeful items, which can benefit all in the pursuit of a better bedroom.

Lead the way Texas and maybe in a few years Alabama and Mississippi  join you to once and for all put these arcane laws to rest and really give the power to the people (with a few extra batteries to boot).

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