Sex Toys Review: The We-Vibe II


There are very few sex toys that offer everything the We-Vibe II does – all in one sex toy. Offering both clitoral stimulation and g-spot pleasure, it is one of the only sex toys that can be comfortably worn by a woman during intercourse. I definitely recommend that you add this to your ‘must-have’ list!

The Good

The We-Vibe II used on its own is all the things your bullet toy wished it could be and when used with your guy, it proves that sex toys don’t need rabbit ears to show you a good time!

The Bad

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The coating is wonderful as far as how the toy feels while using it, but it does tend to have a little tackiness when not being used that can get dirty by things sticking to it. So make good use of the pretty satin bag that comes with it and store it away properly after washing and drying.

The Bottom Line

With a clitoris and g-spot stimulator, what more could a girl ask for? Rechargeable perhaps so you’re local store clerk doesn’t start giving you that pervy look when he sees you buying batteries…again? Or how about a soft silicone coating that is firm enough to offer solid stimulation, but soft enough to be comfortable? Oh, and water-resistant. Yes, yes and yes! (Excuse me a moment.) This sex toy has all of that, and more.

The Review

When you get your We-Vibe, you’ll notice that this toy is all class from the start. Even the packaging is as discreet as the toy itself. To look at it, it doesn’t openly scream, “I’m a sex toy!” where you need to be concerned if it were ever glimpsed by someone you didn’t necessarily want to know all your private business. It’s just a small, colorful, u-shaped device that could be for anything. The coating on it is a top-quality silicone, so what this means to us girls is that it’s soft, not a hard plastic feel like some sex toys.

Here’s the best part, well, the second-best part. It comes with a plug so you can recharge it! No batteries in this puppy! The great thing about this is, of course, you can always have it ready to go and you won’t have that horrific moment when it stops working at just the wrong moment (we have men for that, right?), and it also helps the toy keep it’s slender size since they don’t have to make room for batteries. There is a small dimple in the coating where you plug it in to re-charge it, which also keeps water from getting into the toy if you use it in the shower or bath.

Now for the best part… how it feels! It has a nice, strong motor in it that offers great vibration to the clitoral and g-spot areas. This allows for women who use it to achieve a blended orgasm! It’s also multi-functional, so you have a variety of options, one for every day of the week if you like. (I apologize in advance for you indecisive folks, because you’ll have a hard time deciding just which one you like best!) Used alone, it’s that hands-free, wireless sex toy you’ve been looking for. But where the tortoise beats the hare, or rabbit, is that it is perfect for using as a couple.  Many sex toys are designed to be used alone, but this one is actually awesome for couples to use! The thin design and soft coating are made for allowing a woman to get the stimulation she desires, while having sex with a partner. It may take you a minute to figure out the optimal way to wear the toy so it is in the correct position during penetration, but once you get it there….well, I’ll let you imagine. The great thing is that he is also getting additional pleasure from the internal vibrator against him. So if you happen to have a guy that is shy about sex toys, having one that you can use together, and makes sex feel better for him too, is a great way to get him to reconsider.

There are very few toys out right now that can offer everything that the We-Vibe II does. I definitely recommend that you add this to your ‘must-have’ list!

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