Sex Toys To Increase Your Orgasmic Power


Sex toys can be a lot of fun to play with and can help you have an even better orgasm. Here are the sex toys you need to try!

What She Said:

I know what people say about diamonds, but when it comes down to it, sex toys really are a girls best friend. A good sex toy, is always there for you, always available, never tires and most importantly never asks you if “it was good for you?” You can also find sex toys pretty much everywhere, and in every size. They are easy to buy, easy to store and a hell of fun to use! Finding the right one takes a little bit of research and some trial and error, but when you find the right one, or even the not so right one, its still pretty damn fun. I think a basic vibrator is the perfect sex toy for most women.

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They are relatively cheap to buy and depending on the size, can be used for clitoris and vaginal orgasms. If you want to get high tech, and want something more than just a basic vibrating love rod, then the rabbit vibrator is a good choice. If you are embarrassed about purchasing a sex toy (although it is super hot and all women should have at least one) then you can find many vibrating options that are labeled “personal massagers.” One of those most praised is called the Hitachi personal massage wand. This guy is fantastic!

Not only will a simple vibrator send you through the roof, it can also be used with your partner and not come across as intimidating. You could use the vibrator to show him how and where you like to be touched, or he can explore your body with it. While having sex you can place the vibrator on your clit while he enters you, that way you both can feel the vibrations. A good vibrator can help a women reach a stronger orgasm, with her man or alone. Just don’t forget to get batteries!

What He Said:

As far as sex toys go, you really can’t go wrong with a liberator wedge or the tantric sex chair. Both are simple “marital aids” that allow you to position both you and your partner in new and exciting sex positions which make the intercourse better, and allow the man (or woman with a strap on) to get access to the vagina that they wouldn’t normally be able to hit from that specific angle, which allows for deeper penetration and better sex which of course results in the desired orgasm, but a way more powerful and intense orgasm than you are used to.

There are tons of different liberator models in every size, shape and price range. The number of options can be a little overwhelming, but there are a great number of videos on the site as well which can help you decide between the different models and, more importantly, show you the many exiciting applications of the liberator models.

The tantric sex chair is a bit more pricy. It’s a tantric sex chair which is really more like a tantric couch or love sex. It’s desired for amazing oral sex positions, anal sex positions and for intercourse that is anything but plain jane or average. It’s very expensive, but it’s custom made and shipped straight to you. It’s a wild ride, literally and figuratively. It’s a great sex toy that is worth it’s weight in gold, and the tantric sex chair website is chock full of naughty videos featuring beautiful naked people using the sex chair which can give you amazing ideas on how to use it.

You can’t go wrong with handcuffs and blindfolds. There’s something amazing that happens when a person is restrained and cut off from their sense of vision. It forces their other senses to be heightened and that increased sense of touch is what can lead to increadibly stronger and intense orgasms.

Hypnosis is another good tool as well. Sex and orgasms happen in the mind and if you’re a girl who things she cant have an orgasm, you’re right. Hypnosis can unlock the mind which will allow you to experience the intense mind blowing orgasms you’ve always dreamed of.

And yes, a girl needs her vibrator, but ease your man into sex toy play. Maybe give him the remote control to the vibrator and wear it out to dinner. Let him control the remote control and watch him enjoy things. Then move forward from there.

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