Sex Toys – Top 5 Myths


Sex toys are the subject of many misconceptions and rumors, causing many couples and singles that would consider purchasing them to rethink their decision. Most of the rumors surrounding them are absolute bunk! Using sex toys safely does require a little education on which objects to use during certain activities, however, it’s time to dispel the myths that surround sex toys once and for all.


If A Woman Has A Sex Toy, She Won’t Need A Man

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It is a common misconception that if a woman owns a vibrator or a dildo, that she will no longer need a man sexually. While sex toys are designed to give a woman an orgasm (and usually can do it faster and more efficiently), they will never replace the intimacy, love and comfort that a human being can provide for us. A sex toy can give a woman an orgasm, but it can’t make her feel loved and cherished. A sex toy can’t tell you it loves you. The same goes for men – just because a man masturbates, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need or enjoy sex with his female partner.

More Expensive Sex Toys Are Better

Luxury sex toys are just that – a luxury. They look and feel great, but does that mean that more economical toys won’t do the job just as well? Not hardly. A modestly priced vibrator will give you the same buzz as a 24 K gold one encrusted with diamonds. Keep this in mind when shopping for a new dildo or vibrator. It’s important to stay within your budget, but don’t deny yourself a great sex toy just because you think you can’t afford a good one. There are lots of great vibrators and dildos that will leave you just as satisfied sexually as one that cost twice or three times as much. Don’t rush into making the purchase – find one that has everything you’re looking for in a sex toy that is priced affordably.

Only People With Bad Sex Lives Need To Use Sex Toys

Another common misconception about sex toys is that they’re reserved for single people or couples who don’t have very good sex lives. This is definitely not true! Sex toys can be part of a healthy and hot sexual relationship. They can enhance sexual pleasure for both men and women, and can help a woman have an orgasm when she ordinarily wouldn’t have one. In fact, many couples who don’t have good sex lives won’t use toys because they don’t talk about what feels good or what they’d like to try. Don’t underestimate communication in a sexual relationship! Lots of sex toys are designed for couples who want to add an extra kick to their already spicy sex life. For example, a clitoris vibrator can stimulate a woman while her partner penetrates her, while anal beads can make a blowjob absolutely amazing.

Sex Toys Aren’t “Natural”

Many women can’t achieve orgasm through “natural” sex – that is, without the help of a favorite toy. It is not at all uncommon for a woman to need a vibrator to help get her over the top, even if her partner does everything that pleases her, including oral sex or fingering. Some women just can’t get there without the help of a toy. Does this mean she should fake her orgasm in lieu of “natural” sex? Absolutely not. Every woman deserves a satisfying sex life, and sex toys can actually be a great part of a naturally satisfying sexual experience. Many couples who use them actually notice that their relationship improves, both in and out of the bedroom!

Sex Toys Can Hurt Your Body

There is no medical evidence to support the claim that even regular use of sex toys will damage the body when used properly. Keep in mind that if you are super aggressive with your toy (and this can happen even during “natural sex”), you stand a chance of hurting yourself or your partner. However, do some research about the toy you’re buying – certain toys should be used for certain activities. For example, anal sex toys should have a wide, flared base at the bottom to keep them from getting “lost” inside the anal cavity. Anything used for anal sex should have this, or it’s simply not safe to use for anal play and is better suited for vaginal penetration or other types of stimulation. You may also want to pay attention to what materials are being used for the objects in question and whether they can leave you with harmful side effects. If you’re allergic to latex, don’t get a latex sex toy!

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