Why You Want To Use Sex Toys


Sex toys can bring you and your partner much more satisfaction than plain sex alone. Here are more reasons to start using sex toys!

Why Use Sex Toys

  • Because they’re fun.
  • Because they provide you with a distinct type of pleasure, which would enrich the one you’re already enjoying.
  • Because sometimes, just sometimes, your girlfriend or wife needs a stronger and more consistent stimulation to get off, and some sex toys will provide this.
  • Because your ancestors couldn’t and you can. Wouldn’t it be a terrible waste if you denied yourself progress?
  • Because sharing this experience with your loved one is not risky, it is a sign of evolving.
  • Because sex toys are part of women’s deepest and hottest sexual fantasies, and unleashing that in your girlfriend or wife will definitely be to your own advantage.
  • Because the sight of them can instantly cure headaches!
  • Because they’re empowering.
  •  Because you have the right to ensure yourself as much pleasure as you can possibly carry.

Why Sex Toys Aren’t Taboo Anymore

Sex toys, just like anal sex, have been surrounded by a shadow of taboo until recently. Sex shops were only looked at with the corner of the eye and people hesitated about entering, fearing that someone might see them visit those shameful places.

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Today the attitude toward toys that give you the much needed pleasure is much more liberal. According to adult novelty manufacturers, the business is nowadays ten times more profitable than a mere ten years ago. People all over the world are buying sex toys with much more frequency and a clearly intensified interest and curiosity.

Thank God for Sex And The City, I might add, because women became more actively involved in this phenomenon after the four naughty girls started talking about it freely and recommending it as something normal, that every woman should try without any regrets or fears.

Their newly acquired status as respectable merchandise unleashed a booming development of sex shops all over the countries, sex shops that, beside the more and more diversified models, were also selling sex education as part of the package.

Members of the staff are trained to help you choose the best products for your convenience, products that can satisfy all your desires and needs, as peculiar as they might be. Also, online shops are shipping products of the most exquisite quality all over the world, discreetly and safely. It’s up to you to choose the option that best suits your needs.

Becoming A Skilled Lover With Sex Toys

If you want to acquire the skilled lover status, you have to allow yourself to open up to a whole new world of playful possibility. Sex toys not only enhance your capacity to feel pleasure, but also offer variety in terms of the sensations you can experience. To top that, they can also help you solve the most intriguing sexual challenges that you might encounter.

For instance, if your girlfriend or wife is having trouble orgasming through vaginal (or anal) intercourse, using a sex toy (like a vibrator, for example) to stimulate her clitoris while your penetrating her can give her the much needed climax.

Anal beads, butt plugs, dildos, they all provide multiple points of stimulation, building extreme sensations throughout the body, not only in your intimate parts.

What Toys To Choose

Fortunately, you’re pretty much covered. There are sex toys especially designed for all kinds of pleasure. Number one rule in choosing a toy: figure out what both of you want and where she is lacking in ability to feel maximum of pleasure. A “full” sensation is what you’d want for your partner to experience, or do you think a vibrating tingling will put her in the mood more quickly? Discuss it together and, why not, try all there is in order to truly know what you want.

Never forget your best in this “business” – lube. As smooth and apparently easy to penetrate any orifice as your toys may seem, sensations are much better with lubrication. proper lubrication.

Condoms also facilitate the penetration, but the main reason you should not give them up even though we’re talking about a sex toy is convenience, actually. You’ll want to use that vibrator, for example, on her breasts, on her clitoris, inside her vagina, inside her anus, etc. If you don’t want to stop after every anal thrusting and go thoroughly clean your toy in order to go back to her other hot spots, using a condom saves you from that. Put it on when you want to penetrate her anally and take it off when she wants other areas playfully stimulated, to prevent the transfer of bacteria.

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