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Vibrators are probably the most taboo yet most used of sex toys that are available around the world. Most couples have vibrators for extra fun in the bedroom, and there’s a great deal of single women and men that use vibrators to satisfy their sexual desires in the absence of a partner. So if so many people use vibrators, how come no one is talking about them? Here’s what you want to know about vibrators and sex toys – and more!

Vibrators For Couples

Contrary to popular belief, couples can get as much use out of vibrators and sex toys as single adults can! They can add tons of fun in the bedroom, as well as help women achieve orgasm who are not ordinarily able to without intense clitoral and G-Spot stimulation.

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What kind of vibrators can couples use? Anything, really! Some vibrators are made specifically with couples in mind, however, such as vibrators that are remote controlled, or panty vibrators. These allow one partner to become in control of the other partner’s pleasure, bringing some big surprises in the bedroom! G-Spot vibrators, such as the rabbit vibrator, are also popular for couples because some men have trouble reaching and stimulating a woman’s G-Spot during intercourse. Using a G-Spot vibrator with your partner can help her to achieve intense, toe-curling G-Spot orgasms that she might not otherwise have!

Vibrators For Singles

Many single women – and men – keep vibrators and sex toys around to help keep their sexual desires satisfied when they’re not with a partner. This is probably the most common use for a vibrator and there are many different varieties and types of sex toys that can be used if you’re single and going solo. Bullet vibrators and finger vibrators are popular for women, because they’re easy to use and deliver intense vibrations for that quick, get-it-done orgasm that many women prefer to have when they’re “clicking their own mouse.” The rabbit vibrator is also a great option for single women, because it delivers incredible G-Spot stimulation in addition to clitoral tickling that can give a woman the type of body-rocking orgasm she’s never had before!

Discreet Vibrators

A lot of women and men prefer discreet vibrators – sleek, simple looking vibrators that really could be mistaken for a variety of different things. There are also a number of sex toys that are shaped like other things, such as lipstick tubes, cucumbers and rubber duckies, allowing you to never have to worry about where your vibrator is and who might see it. Some of these types of vibrators slip easily into a purse or pocketbook, so you can take your pleasure with you wherever you go!

Safety Note: Men using dildos/vibrators as well as women using dildos/vibrators for anal sex should always use those made with a wide base, because traditional vibrators can easily slip fully into the anal cavity, causing you a very embarrassing and completely preventable emergency room visit.

The most important thing to remember about vibrators is to never share sex toys with your friends, wash them regularly and have fun! Vibrators and sex toys are a great way for adults to explore their bodies and their sexuality in a safe way. If you don’t own a vibrator, now is the time to get one!

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