Why Every Girl Needs Her Own Sex Toy


Believe it or not, many girls don’t own a sex toy. Some girls own sex toys that they use only with their partners, but many others don’t have a sex toy for their own personal use at all! Some women have never even tried masturbation alone! Sex toys can greatly improve the quality, frequency and intensity of a woman’s orgasms both with the sex toy and without it when having sex with a partner. There are also many other benefits to using a sex toy, so here’s why every girl needs her very own!

Sex Toys And Masturbation Make Orgasms Better

If you’ve never had an orgasm before, or your orgasms are few and far between when having sex with your partner, it’s time to invest in a great sex toy. This is especially true if you’ve never masturbated before! If you’re using a sex toy during masturbation, you will find that your orgasms come more frequently, as well as being more powerful and intense. Masturbation, even without a sex toy, helps to train your body to experience pleasure and reach orgasm without the stress and pressure of trying to reach climax with your partner. Many women who have never had an orgasm before aren’t ever going to reach their first orgasm in front of their partners because the stress and pressure to perform is just too much. Female masturbation can help a woman find her body’s own pleasure buttons without feeling like she’s being watched or being expected to reach climax. When a woman gives herself time to explore her body on her own with a sex toy, she is more likely to reach orgasm – and it’s probable that her orgasm will be absolutely incredible!

Why Your Partner Will Love Your New Sex Toy

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When a woman masturbates, she learns more about how her body works and how she likes to recieve pleasure. This is excellent information that she can pass on to her partner! Women who have never masturbated or used a sex toy before have absolutely no idea what they like best sexually or what will bring them to climax. They don’t know how they like to be touched or even what feels good! How can a man know what a woman wants or likes if she doesn’t even know herself? Women who don’t masturbate essentially send their partners into sex blind, and they can only guess how she wants to be pleased. When she doesn’t reach orgasm (how could she?) he ends up feeling like he has failed her in some way, even though he tried his very best. Even guys who know just about everything there is to know about a female orgasm may not be able to make his girl reach climax if she’s never masturbated before. When a woman masturbates, however – especially if she uses a sex toy – she’ll learn about what she likes and how she likes it. She’ll show her partner her new discoveries and he’ll be inspired to use the same techniques to give her an orgasm during sex! So while many women believe that masturbating alone and using a sex toy is detrimental to their sexual relationship with their partners, quite the opposite is true. Using a sex toy and masturbating on your own will actually help make your sex life with your partner even hotter!

Which Sex Toy To Choose?

Of course, your first time sex toy shopping is going to seem a little overwhelming. There are so many different toys to choose from that offer so many different types of sensations. It’s easy to get lost or confused when selecting your first sex toy. There are, however, a few simple guidelines you can use to help narrow down the selection. You definitely don’t want to choose a giant double ended dildo, anal beads or anything of that nature. If you want to go for vaginal penetration, choose a sleek, slim dildo or vibrator instead. If you want to go for clitoral stimulation only, select a vibrator that is made specifically to be used on the clitoris only. While many people claim that getting used to using a vibrator to reach orgasm will train your body to only be able to reach climax with vibration, sporadic use can actually help you learn how your body goes through the stages of pleasure and orgasm. If you’re not sure whether you want to go with a vibrator or not, try getting a small, inexpensive toy that vibrates and one that doesn’t. That way, you can find out for yourself which one you like the best.

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