Your Guide On How To Choose The Right Sex Toys


Choosing sex toys takes definitely takes some thought – very rarely do couples buy sex toys on impulse. There are things to look for when you’re making a purchase, depending on what you like or don’t like. Here’s the best way to figure out what sex toys you want to buy and what aspects are more important in a sex toy than others.

What Not To Shop For

There are lots of things that you want in a sex toy, but it’s unlikely that you’ll find the perfect made-just-for-you toy that meets every one of your requirements. That said, it’s essential that you think about what’s important in your item and what isn’t as crucial. Here are some examples of things you don’t necessarily want to narrow down your search:


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While you want your vibrator or dildo to be pretty, shopping for one based on what color it is alone is a great way to get a sex toy that you hate or can’t use. Certain sex toys come in certain colors, and if you’re only looking for clear or red (or whatever your chosen color is), you’re going to be limited in what you can get in that particular color. Instead, focus on a more important aspect – such as function or size – when shopping.


There are great brands out there, but not all the items produced by one brand are great. You may get a really fun, awesome dildo and swear up and down that you will only buy that brand ever again. The next thing you buy – such as a cock ring for example – may be a complete dud. Then again, it may not be.

However, by limiting yourself to one brand of sex toys only, you might miss something really great that has been that special item you’ve been looking for. Keep your mind open and look for items that meet other criteria, such as being easy to use or super discreet.


Of course, most people shopping for sex toys need to stay within a budget. There are couples out there that can splurge on the $300 vibrator, but most people have an idea of what price range they need to be looking in. However, when you’re shopping strictly by price, you may run into trouble. Cheap sex toys aren’t always the best and the best ones aren’t always cheap. Then again, there are lots of inexpensive items that give a great orgasm – so price really isn’t a factor at all.

If you don’t have very much to spend, consider saving up for a little while longer so that you can have a broader range of items to pick from. If you’ve only got $20 to spend and are looking for stuff in that price range only, you may miss the awesome $21.95 toy that is everything you’ve wanted in a sex toy and more! Having a little bit more to spend when you start shopping allows you to check out a lot more items – whether you buy one that is at the bottom of your price range or the top.

What To Shop For

There are lots of things that are important when considering what types of items to look for, but some are much more significant than others. For example, size is pretty important – you don’t want to get something that is too small or too big for you. Here are some examples of things that may make or break your decision:

Size (Length & Width)

Size is probably one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a vibrator or dildo. Think about what size you need – based on your previous sex toys and other partners’ penis size. Are you only able to accommodate a small vibrator, or do you need something that is a bit longer to reach your g-spot?

Take into account what size you are, and what size feels good to you. Purchase something that meets the basic length and width requirements and doesn’t go over or under them a lot. Your heart may be set on a pretty pink penis, but if it’s two inches too short, you’re going to be sorry.


Need a vibrator that will massage your clitoris? You might not want to buy one that is designed for g-spot stimulation and vice versa. Before you buy, think about what exactly you’re wanting your new toy to do. Do you want something that will stimulate both the clitoris and the g-spot at the same time? Take a look at a Rabbit vibrator or something similar. Are you a virgin and need something that doesn’t require penetration? Think about vibrating bullets.

Don’t go shopping for sex toys without thinking about what function you want it to have first – that’s how you get stuck with something that you don’t want!

Ease Of Use

You probably don’t want a vibrator that has a thousand different buttons and requires an astrophysicist’s degree to figure out. Sometimes, a vibrator with a simple on/off function works great, so don’t assume the more buttons and gadgets it has the better. Pick something that you know will be easy to use, especially when you’re in the throes of passion alone or with your partner.

Level Of Discretion

Some couples really need their sex toys to be discreet. If that’s the case, look for a small bullet vibe or travel vibrator – something small that can be easily hidden or taken with you in a purse, pocket or suitcase. People who need a certain level of discretion may want to stay away from purchasing traditional dildos, since most of them tend to be larger and penis shaped.

Regardless of what sex toys you use, make sure that they meet your needs and wants before making the purchase. If you don’t, you’ll end up spending a lot of money on something that isn’t very good or is simply “okay.” Once you find the right item, make it even more pleasurable and comfortable by using a lot of good, water based lubricant. Take care of it and make it last longer by cleaning it after each use, either with a special toy cleaner or hot, soapy water.

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