Amazon Sex Position

Sex Positions: Amazon

The Amazon sex position is an exotic form of woman on top that is easy for her, but a bit difficult for him. It’s great if he wants to be submissive.

How To Do It

The male partner lies on his back and raises his legs, bringing his knees up to his chest with his legs parted. The female partner then straddles his groin with his knees in front of her and his legs wrapped around her waist, with his feet at her back. The Amazon sex position puts the female partner in total control of the thrusting, but it can be a bit difficult due to the angle at which his penis must bend to enter her.

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WARNING: If this is at all uncomfortable or painful for the male partner, stop immediately! Many men aren’t flexible enough in the penis to pull this move off and that’s okay. The penis can actually fracture, so go slow and if there is any discomfort, stop and find another sex position to try.

Where To Do It

Bed, floor, couch or backseat of the car. If he really enjoys being submissive, he may like the idea of doing the Amazon sex position in the backseat of a car instead of the traditional “woman is submissive” sex positions that are typically used in a backseat scenario.

Props You’ll Need

Place a pillow under his head for comfort.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


The Amazon sex position is less satisfying for her than the traditional Woman On Top sex position because there isn’t much clitoral contact here, but dominant women will enjoy the control over thrusting that this position affords. G-spot orgasms can be had in the Amazon sex position, but she must be careful not to ride him too hard or put too much stress on his penis since it is bent at such an odd angle.

His O-Meter


He can get off in this sex position, but it may not be easy for him. He also may not be able to get into this position comfortably at all, so the only thing you can do is try it and see how it works for you. A super submissive man may really enjoy being dominated in this way, with his legs in the air and his buttocks exposed.


If he enjoys prostate massage, she can reach around and play with his anus during lovemaking for an explosive orgasm. If she can’t reach around very well, a small butt plug or string of anal beads might be another option.

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