Assisted Lotus Sex Position

Sex Positions: Assisted Lotus

If you have trouble with the Lotus position but still crave face to face intimacy, try the Assisted Lotus sex position. It’s easier and just as sensual.

How To Do It

The male partner will sit in a chair normally, with his legs slack. The female partner will straddle his lap while facing him, draping each leg over the side of the chair. She can wrap her arms around his torso for more stability during thrusting.

Where To Do It

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This is a great one to do in a dining room you’re alone in, or if you’re alone and you spot a chair without arms. It’s perfect for a quickie if you don’t want to get caught, or a more sensual sex session.

Props You’ll Need

A dining room chair or similar. A reclining chair, computer chair or any chair with arms on it is going to be difficult to get into for the Assisted Lotus sex position.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


There’s nothing about the Assisted Lotus sex position that she doesn’t like.  She loves the face to face intimacy, she loves the comfort of doing it on a chair instead of on the bed in each other’s laps, and she loves the clitoral friction. This is a very easy sex position for her to reach orgasm in, because it provides the emotional and physical stimulation she needs to climax.

His O-Meter


He too enjoys the intimacy here, and although he can’t thrust in and out as well as he can in other sex positions, the rocking and grinding motions that the Assisted Lotus sex position affords are quite pleasurable. It’s a great sex position for men who don’t want to orgasm too fast during sex, and want her to reach orgasm first.


Make out! Kiss and caress your lover with your mouth the entire time. Engaging this often forgotten sexual organ can really fire the Assisted Lotus sex position up!

To take this in another direction, blindfold him and ties his hands behind the chair with a neck tie. This will awaken all of his other senses!

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