Basic Rear Entry Sex Position

Sex Positions: Basic Rear Entry

This sex position is probably the easiest way to get started with rear entry, apart from Doggy Style. When he thrusts, he can stimulate her g-spot in a unique way, and the closer her legs are together, the tighter it feels for him. This is definitely a must try!

How To Do It

The female partner lies on her stomach, propping her upper body up on her elbows. Her legs are slightly spread apart with her knees bent and feet in the air. The male partner approaches her from behind and drapes his pelvis over her rear, so his penis can enter her vaginal opening from behind. He supports his body weight with his knees and his arms, which are positioned with his palms on the floor on either side of her upper body. The rear entry sex position can also be used for anal penetration.

Where To Do It

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Couch, bed, floor, any flat surface

Props You’ll Need

A small pillow under her pelvis can raise her bottom to shorten the angle of entry for a man with a shorter penis.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


While rear entry does provide a unique angle to her g-spot, unless her partner’s penis is on the longer side, she’s not likely to get as much pleasure from this as she would if she were on top. However, if his penis is big enough, this could stimulate her g-spot in ways she’s never felt before!

His O-Meter


This sex position is one of the better ones for guys. The difference here is that her legs are somewhat closed and her buttocks are tight together, making her vagina feel much tighter to him. This increased friction is enough to send him over the moon!


Since she gets pretty much zero clitoral stimulation in this sex position and he can’t really reach down there and do it because he’s supporting his weight on his hands, the female partner can get a lot more pleasure out of this position if she stimulates her clitoris herself. Since the floor is supporting most of her weight, she can use one of her hands to reach down and stimulate her clitoris either with her fingers or a small vibrator like a bullet.

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