Ben Dover Sex Position

Sex Positions: Ben Dover

The Ben Dover sex position lives up to its name! She bends over and he has her way with her, creating deep penetration in a standing sex position.

How To Do It

The Ben Dover sex position is relatively easy to do, and provides for very deep penetration. The male partner stands on two feet with his legs slightly spread, and his partner stands in front of him with her back to him. She bends over as far as she can, with her legs as straight as possible. This is not always easy if a woman isn’t flexible, so a slight bend in the knees is okay here. He will hold her hips to facilitate thrusting, going slowly at first because penetration can be quite deep in this sex position.

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For couples who are very different in height, have the taller partner spread their legs apart until your hips are at approximately the same height. Doing this on the stairs can also help with height difference. Just make sure there is something to hold on to!

Where To Do It

This is a fun sex position to do “on the go.” You don’t need much space since both partners are standing, and you don’t really need to be that undressed to do it either – both partners can simply drop their drawers for a dirty quickie! Try doing this in the department store dressing room or in the bathroom at a party.

Props You’ll Need


Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


The Ben Dover sex position may be a bit difficult for her to do if her legs aren’t very flexible. However, it’s not impossible and some simple stretching exercises first can make it easier for her to bend down to reach her toes. Although this sex position doesn’t afford any clitoral stimulation, women who enjoy feeling submissive and vulnerable during sex – as well as women who enjoy very deep penetration – will add this sex position to their list of favorites.

His O-Meter


He loves the feeling of control and dominance he has over his lover in the Ben Dover sex position. He loves the view, and he loves the deep penetration. This position also allows him to wrap his hands around her hips and pull her into his thrusts for even more control. There’s simply nothing about this sex position that he doesn’t like!


The Ben Dover sex position is a great one to use in the midst of a domination-submissive role play scenario in which the male partner is dominant. He can thrust deeply if she’s comfortable with that, he can talk dirty and even give her a few spankings for being naughty as he’s having sex with her!

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