Bodyguard Sex Position

Sex Positions: Bodyguard

This sex position can be difficult to achieve good thrusting in (especially if she’s short), but if you can get lined up properly, the Bodyguard can be an extremely intimate and satisfying sex position. He can touch her anywhere, kiss her neck and whisper dirty things in her ear!

How To Do It

The Bodyguard is a standing rear entry sex position that isn’t too hard to actually get into, but it’s a little difficult and awkward to keep up during thrusting. Height differences between partners can make it a little more challenging, but it’s certainly not impossible. In this sex position, both partners stand, with the female partner resting her back against her lover’s chest. He enters her from behind, and both partners slightly bend their needs to facilitate thrusting. It may take a few minutes to get to where you’re both moving in sync with each other, but this position can be super intimate. He can kiss her neck, lick and suck on her ear lobes or whisper dirty talk in her ear!

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It’s important for the female partner to arch her back or else he may keep “slipping out”.

Where To Do It

Shower, closet, bathroom, anywhere else you can stand. Ideally the Bodyguard sex position is performed in front of a mirror for the visual enjoyment of both partners.

Props You’ll Need

Footstool (or stairs) for the lady if she’s petite. This will help you better line up your genitals for ease of thrusting.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


The Bodyguard isn’t a favorite among women, unless their partner has a longer penis. A smaller penis doesn’t penetrate as far in this position, and can leave a woman wanting more. Men with smaller penises who want to engage in rear entry sex are better off using the Doggy Style or Standing Doggy Style sex positions, as they encourage deeper penetration. He can make this position better for her by reaching his hands around to her front and fondling her breasts, nipples and clitoris.

His O-Meter


He likes this position fairly well, but it’s a little lackluster for him unless you’re doing it in front of a mirror (which is a great idea by the way). Men need visual stimulation to really enjoy sex and without a mirror, there’s not much for him to look at here. If he’s a breast man, he will particularly like it when she arches her back and pushes her breast up and out for him to fondle.


This is a great sex position to use in the shower, especially if you have a smaller shower stall. Since you can’t really lie down in a lot of showers, the Bodyguard is a great way to still have wet and wild sex in the bathroom!

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