Boss’s Chair Sex Position

Sex Positions: Boss's Chair

If he wants to be in control of oral sex, this is one of the best positions to go with! It’s a very sexy form of submission on the female partner’s part, and is also an easy position for her to give head in. With reduced neck cramps, she’ll have lots of stamina here.

How To Do It

The Boss’ Chair oral sex position is another commonly used one, simply because it’s easy to do and can be done almost anywhere a man can sit! The male partner sits on the edge of the couch or bed, or in a chair, and the female partner kneels in front of him, leaning down to give him oral sex. It’s an excellent position for him to be able to watch all of the action!

Where To Do It

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Chair, couch, edge of the bed, anywhere he can sit. This one is particularly hot when performed with her under his office desk!

Props You’ll Need

Pillow for her knees or buttocks (if she prefers to sit)

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


If the female partner is on her knees, this oral sex position can definitely create neck cramps for her. Her neck is bent at an odd angle if she’s leaning over him, and it may be difficult for her to keep up for any length of time. This can be easily remedied though if she simply sits cross-legged in front of him instead of on her knees. This way, her face and head are level with his genitals (depending on the height of the bed, couch or chair you’re using) and she won’t have to bend her neck as much.

His O-Meter


This is another oral sex position that guys love – but then again, there aren’t that many positions that guys won’t like if they’re getting a blowjob. What men love most about this position is that they’re comfortable, but they’re also sitting up so they have a good view of what she’s doing. Ladies, keep long hair tied back so he can actually see you suck him off – if your hair is all around your face, he might think it’s Cousin It giving him head instead.


Ladies, let your man hold a camera (or he can use his camera phone) to video the blowjob. The Boss’ Chair oral sex position makes for excellent POV (point-of-view) style porn for him to fantasize about you later!

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