Bottoms Up Sex Position

Sex Positions: Bottoms Up

The Bottoms Up sex position is an oral sex position for her that puts her in an extremely vulnerable yet naughty and erotic pose! Only for the adventurous!

How To Do It

The female partner lies on a surface on her back, grasps her hips and raises her buttocks in the air, letting her legs fall back towards her head. The male partner rests his weight on his knees and helps hold her hips for stability as he goes down on her from above. What makes the Bottoms Up sex position so incredibly naughty is that it completely exposes both her vulva and anal area for him to stimulate with his mouth as he pleases. This is an oral sex position that should definitely only be performed by couples who are extremely comfortable with each other, and women who are exceptionally self-confident!

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If she is not able to get into this position, have her pull her knees to her chest and spread her legs as far as comfortable.

Where To Do It

The bed is the best place for the Bottoms Up sex position simply because the female partner is in such an awkward position that she’ll take any bit of comfort she can get. This can also be done on the couch, but the floor is going to be a little too firm for her to truly be comfortable there for any length of time.

Props You’ll Need

She may want a pillow for her neck and upper shoulders. A Liberator Wedge is a great way for her to easily stay in position without getting too tired from holder herself up.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


If she’s super adventurous and kinky, she will absolutely love the Bottoms Up sex position. She’ll love feeling spread out and vulnerable to her partner! If she’s not very flexible, however, this position may be fairly uncomfortable for her. It’s definitely one she’ll want to try though if she’s comfortable with her partner.

His O-Meter


He will enjoy the Bottoms Up sex position if he really digs giving oral sex, or even if he likes giving analingus. This sex position doesn’t force him to crane his neck in any way, making it one of the more comfortable oral sex positions for him.


If he doesn’t want to perform analingus but still wants to introduce anal play to make the Bottoms Up sex position even kinkier, he can use his fingers or small anal toy to stimulate that area while he licks and sucks on her clitoris.

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