Butterfly Sex Position

Sex Positions: Butterfly

Another variation on the standard Missionary, the Butterfly is easy to do yet very satisfying for both male and female partners. There isn’t quite as much eye contact here, but the female partner is still positioned in such a way as her lover can stimulate her nipples and clitoris with his hands.

How To Do It

The Butterfly is a much easier version of the Bridge. The male partner is in the exact same position actually – on his knees, in between his partner’s legs. However, instead of arching her back up off the floor, the female partner will support herself on a flat surface that is raised. This is the easiest to achieve on a bed. The female partner will lie on the bed with her pelvis at the edge of the bed with her feet flat on the floor. If the bed is very high, the male partner can stand, but a lower bed will work better if the male partner would rather be on his knees. He can hold on to her hips for leverage and more control over thrusting. This position is much better for the female partner than the Bridge because it allows her to relax and use something else to support her weight – giving her a better opportunity to actually enjoy it.

Where To Do It

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Edge of the bed.

Props You’ll Need

Bed (the lower, the better – a futon would also work well in the flat position)

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


This position is actually fairly comfortable for her, allowing her to experience everything more fully. The g-spot penetration is fair here, while the penile clitoral stimulation isn’t superb. Make it better for her by using a vibrator on her clitoris!

His O-Meter


This sex position is comfortable for him as well, but it’s not as exotic as he’d like it to be. He does have control over his orgasm here, but it’s just not as exciting for him as the Bridge.


A vibrator on her clitoris is the perfect way to give her more pleasure, and if she’s enjoying it more, so is he. She can hold the vibrator or he can – both are fun ways to put a twist on this sex position!

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