Coital Alignment Technique Sex Position

Sex Positions: Coital Alignment

The Coital Alignment Technique is a sex position that can be used to increase a woman’s chances of orgasm in the Missionary sex position. It’s a slight variation on Missionary that allows for her clitoris to receive more stimulation than in actual Missionary, making it a great sex position to use when she wants to feel dominated by him but doesn’t want to compromise her orgasm.

How To Do It

Assume the traditional Missionary sex position. The male partner will shift “up” slightly, while the female partner will shift her hips “down” slightly, allowing her clitoris and pubic bone to come into contact with the shaft of his penis and his pubic bone. Once you’re “lined up,” there’s not much in and out action that’s going to happen – in fact, you want to try not to break the contact between the clitoris and pubic bone as much as you can.

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So how exactly does this work? Since he’s not thrusting in and out per se, he’s going to be using more of an up and down grinding motion. This will create some thrusting, but not your typical “all the way in, all the way out” sort of motion. She’s going to do her best to grind against him in the same way, keeping her clitoris pressed up against him to receive the stimulation the grinding motion causes. This move actually takes some practice to really get the hang of it, but it’s totally worth it when she gets to have an amazing orgasm with him on top.

Where To Do It

The bed is best for the Coital Alignment Technique You’ll be focusing so much on lining yourselves up properly and grinding against each other that you don’t want to add any logistical problems that a different location may cause.

Props You’ll Need

A pillow under her lower back can help angle her pelvis in such a way that it’s easier for her to grind against the shaft of his penis and pubic bone.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


Once you get this right, she’s going to love the Coital Alignment Technique. Sometimes a girl just wants to lay back and let her guy take the reins, but this often means giving up the possibility that she’ll have an orgasm. However, with the Coital Alignment Technique, she can feel dominated by her guy and get off at the same time.

His O-Meter


The Coital Alignment Technique isn’t quite as good for him as it is for her, because he’s having to move differently than he normally does. It’s not a smooth in and out motion (which is what a guy really responds best to), but he’s having sex so hey, it’s all good, right?


Get synchronized so you’re both thrusting and grinding in a smooth motion together. Gaze deeply into each other’s eyes and use this opportunity to connect emotionally as well as physically. When you get good at the Coital Alignment Technique, you can easily use it to achieve simultaneous orgasm!

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