Cowgirl Sex Position

Sex Positions: Cowgirl

The Cowgirl sex position is by far the most conducive to female orgasms, and many women can only orgasm in this position. Guys love it too because they get to sit back and relax while their girl takes care of most of the thrusting action. This is a must have sex position in your repertoire.

How To Do It

The Cowgirl sex position is a favorite among women! It’s also known as the “Woman On Top” sex position. The male partner lies flat on his back (like the woman does in standard Missionary) and the female partner straddles his pelvis with her legs on either side of him, resting her weight on her knees. He can bend his knees some to help support her, or he can leave his legs lying flat on the bed. She can sit straight up, but it is more common for women to lean forward some for more clitoral stimulation.

Where To Do It

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Couch, bed, chair, floor, car – any flat surface will do.

Props You’ll Need

A soft blanket or pillow to go under her knees.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


The Cowgirl sex position allows a woman to control almost everything about sex – the speed and depth of penetration, as well as the angle. She can change any one of these things to better facilitate an orgasm, and this makes it much easier for her to achieve the big O. Because this sex position offers such excellent g-spot and clitoral stimulation, many women can have blended orgasms!

His O-Meter


If she’s getting off, he’s getting off. He really loves watching her do her thing, so this sex position gives him a great show. He really digs her riding him and using his body to get herself off.


If she’s sitting straight up, he’s got a much better view, and she can touch herself while having sex to give him the ultimate show!

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