Crab Sex Position

Sex Positions: Crab

The Crab sex position is a unique woman on top sex position that gives the male partner quite a show during lovemaking, even if it is awkward for him to do.

How To Do It

The male partner lies on his back with his legs spread a little, and the female partner sits on top of him, with her feet facing him. She can lean back and grab on to his feet to help with thrusting, or she can use her legs, which are bent so that her feet rest flat on the floor or bed on either side of her partner’s torso. Although the Crab sex position allows the male partner to view penetration, it can be a difficult sex position for him to master because his penis is bent at an odd angle. It’s not impossible though, because men who have a flexible penis will likely enjoy this sex position.

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WARNING: Any discomfort or pain means stop immediately! Because the penis is bent at an unnatural angle, pain or discomfort typically signals that your body isn’t ready to do that yet. Play it safe and find another sex position if you find this one hurts.

Where To Do It

The Crab sex position can be done on any flat surface, but you’ll both probably appreciate the comfort of a bed.

Props You’ll Need

He may want a pillow or two under his head to help support him so he can see the action if he’s not propped up on his elbows.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


While the Crab sex position doesn’t afford her much clitoral stimulation on its own, her partner can easily reach for her clitoris and stimulate it during thrusting with his hands (which will make the show even more fun!) She may really enjoy the dominance of this sex position, even if getting the hang of thrusting is a little challenging.

His O-Meter


If he can get into the Crab sex position comfortably, it’s likely to be an exceptionally enjoyable position for him because he can see everything that is going on. However, if it is uncomfortable or his penis isn’t flexible, he’s not likely to enjoy as well, if at all. Go slow until you get the hang of how to thrust and move in this sex position.


He can stimulate her clitoris and labia with his hands during sex in the Crab sex position, or he can use a sex toy on her. Both of these things make the Crab position even hotter than it already is!

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