Cradle Sex Position

Sex Positions: Cradle

The Cradle is definitely considered an “exotic” sex position, and it can be a little difficult to master, but is highly rewarding if you do. The female partner needs to be fairly flexible, but if she can bend this way, it gives her partner a great show and the perfect angle for nipple or clitoral play.

How To Do It

The male partner kneels and rests his rear on his feet. The female partner straddles his pelvis and then bends backwards, with the help of her lover’s hands supporting her lower back. When the position has been achieved, it will look almost exactly like the Bridge with the female partner’s hands resting on the floor and her back arched – with the exception of her rear resting on her partner’s legs. This sex position is a little easier for the female partner, and still lends an “exotic feel.”

Where To Do It

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On the floor is ideal for this position, but a firm bed will work as well.

Props You’ll Need

A soft blanket or thick towel to go under his knees for comfort.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


While this sex position is a little more comfortable than the Bridge, it only allows for slightly more clitoral friction. This makes it a little easier for her to reach orgasm, but not much. With lots of foreplay beforehand, however, her partner can make sure she’s turned on enough to have a better chance of reaching the big O.

His O-Meter


While supporting her weight on his thighs might be a little awkward for him, the main issue here is for men with a smaller penis. Since his thighs are pressed together, only a bigger penis will have enough length to come out from in between the thighs and penetrate his partner fully. If this position can be achieved well, however, he will enjoy the view. It might be a little difficult for him to thrust though.


Guys, spread your legs a little wider to allow your penis more room to penetrate. You might have to support your girl’s hips a little more if your legs are spread, but it will be well worth it! The position will feel better to both you and your lover.

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