Deck Chair Sex Position

Sex Positions: Deck Chair

The Deck Chair sex position is a deep penetration twist on Missionary that both partners will really enjoy! It’s simple to do, but deeply satisfying for both partners. Get the deep sensations of Doggy Style or Rear Entry with the eye contact and intimacy of the Missionary sex position.

How To Do It

The Deck Chair sex position is very similar to the Missionary, with the exception of where the female partner places her legs. In this position, she raises them up with her knees at a 90 degree angle. Her legs are simply lifted up, not hooked around his backside or resting on his shoulders. This position is really great for g-spot or even a-spot stimulation because it facilitates much deeper penetration than the Missionary position does.

Where To Do It

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Bed, couch, floor – this one is pretty flexible on the where.

Props You’ll Need

A pillow for her lower back can make this position more comfortable, especially if you do it on the floor. It will also help tilt the pelvis for even deeper g-spot and a-spot penetration.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


She loves this sex position because it gives her a much better angle for g-spot stimulation. It’s much more likely that her partner will rub her just the right way in the Deck position than in the traditional Missionary position. She can spread her legs a little or a lot depending on her mood.

His O-Meter


If she gets off, he gets off. Enough said.


He can lift his knees a little for more leverage and control over penetration.

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