Deep Victory Sex Position

Sex Position: Deep Victory

The Deep Victory sex position is a bit difficult for women who aren’t flexible, but if you can do this one, the deep penetration and intimacy are worth it! It’s an excellent sex position for g-spot and a-spot stimulation, and the ability to look at each other face to face during sex makes this one a must try.

How To Do It

The female partner sits on a surface like a counter top or table that is roughly level with her partner’s groin. He will stand and pull her legs up over his shoulders before entering her, and her feet and ankles will be resting on either side of his neck. Again, this can be a very difficult position for some women to get into, because it’s more suited to athletic women who are quite flexible.

Where To Do It

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Any surface that is level with the male partner’s groin.

Props You’ll Need

If he is on the short side or the surface you’re using is on the high side, he may need a footstool to get himself high up enough to facilitate comfortable penetration. She may also want a towel, soft blanket or pillow under her rear.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


If she’s not flexible, she’s not going to like the Deep Victory sex position very much at all. It’s going to be awkward and uncomfortable for her, and she may not be able to continue in the position for very long. However, if she’s an athletic girl with flexible legs, this sex position really isn’t going to be that difficult for her. If you can get into this position comfortably, don’t skip out on it, because the g-spot stimulation in the Deep Victory sex position is incredible!

His O-Meter


He loves this sex position because it’s easy to get into (for him) and it’s on the exotic side without being too over the top or impossible to do. He can’t really watch what is going on down there, but he loves the way she is spread out and waiting for him. He digs the deep penetration too and this is sure to be a position he can’t last long in!


Save the Deep Victory sex position for laundry day and do it on top of the washer during the spin cycle. The vibrations will drive you both absolutely insane! Talk about hot!

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