Delight Sex Position

Sex Positions: Delight

A variation on Missionary, the Delight sex position is simple but both intimate and erotic. It’s a perfect sex position to use if you want lots of eye contact, but it’s also great if you want to get kinky and watch the action down below. You definitely want to try this one, or use it again and again!

How To Do It

This is an exceptionally easy sex position to master and is highly arousing and satisfying for both partners. The female partner simply sits on a bed or chair with her legs spread and her feet flat on the floor. The male partner gets on his knees and aligns his pelvis in between her legs for thrusting. It’s simple, but both partners get an exceptional amount of pleasure from the Delight!

Where To Do It

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The sofa, edge of a low bed, or chair are perfect for this position.

Props You’ll Need

A soft blanket or pillow for his knees will make this position more comfortable for him.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


While this sex position allows for a fair amount of clitoral and g-spot stimulation, that’s not what a woman is going to like best about the Delight. Since she is face to face with her partner, she is going to get a lot of emotional satisfaction here. It’s a very intimate position, which is definitely going to be right up her alley.

His O-Meter


A man will like any position that a woman likes – and let’s face it, guys get pleasure from almost every sex position because of the way a man derives pleasure from sex. It’s not as difficult to please a man as it is a woman. This isn’t one of the sex positions that is totally going to “WOW” him though.


For even hotter intimacy, she can lean forward and cuddle against his chest. Or, if she wants to entice her man, she can lean back and allow him to play with her nipples or massage her clitoris.

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