Crazy Starfish Sex Position

Sex Positions: Crazy Starfish

For a super exotic sex position that you can add to your “we tried” list, the Double Crab sex position is fun yet very challenging for both partners.

How To Do It

Both partners will lie on their sides facing the same way, but head to toe with each other. The female partner will lower herself onto him  with her legs wrapped around his waist, and he will in turn wrap his own legs around her waist. He can brace his hands on her thighs to help facilitate thrusting, and she can support her weight with her arms behind her.

Where To Do It

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The bed – this one requires a good deal of space. The floor works too, but carpet burn hurts! This is definitely not one you can do in a narrow space like the couch or the backseat of a car. Too many limbs everywhere!

Props You’ll Need


Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


She doesn’t have a whole lot of clitoral contact here from the Double crab sex position alone, but the g-spot stimulation helps make up for it.

His O-Meter


He absolutely loves the view he gets in the Double Crab sex position, and he loves to watch the action. Bonus points for the “exotic” factor here! The only caveat for him is that his penis is bent slightly at an awkward angle, but it’s likely not enough for him to be uncomfortable.


He can make the Double Crab sex position way hotter for her by using his hands or a sex toy to play with her clitoris. She is at a perfect angle for him to do this, so he really needs to be doing it so both partners can get off! If she wants to give him something even more to look at, she can, of course, take her pleasure into her own hands.

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