Downward Stroke Oral Sex Position

Sex Position: Downward Stroke

The Downward Stroke is a fun and exciting oral sex position combining a handjob and a blowjob in a way that  is comfortable for both him and her. This is a must try!

How To Do It

The male partner stands with his feet a little wider than shoulder width apart, enough for her to get in between his legs to perform fellatio. The female partner sits on the ground in front of him, facing away from him, and then leans back enough so that her head and mouth are in a good position for oral penetration. She will use her hand to guide his penis into her mouth, and also to stroke the base of his shaft while she sucks on the head. He can also move up and down by bending his knees.

Where To Do It

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The Downward Stroke oral sex position is an easy one to use on the go, simply because all it requires is for the guy to drop his drawers. So for a quickie blowjob in the bathroom or in the closet at a friend’s house during a party, this sex position is great. Of course, it’s also good for home use and still fun if you’re completely naked.

Props You’ll Need


Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


The Downward Stroke oral sex position is simple for her to get into, but it’s bound to give her quite the crick in the neck.

His O-Meter


He loves the combination of oral and manual stimulation in the Downward Stroke oral sex position! This is a great one for guys who have trouble reaching orgasm during oral sex alone, because the heavier stimulation can bring them to climax much easier and much more quickly.


She can use her other hand to stimulate her clitoris or to use a sex toy, which will give him an awesome show to enjoy while she’s performing oral sex!

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