Face Straddle Sex Position

Sex Position: Face Straddle

The Face Straddle is an excellent oral sex position to use when the female partner wants to feel in control of oral sex, and the male partner wants to feel a little submissive. It also gives him a great view of her body as she writhes in pleasure!

How To Do It

Face Straddle is an oral sex position for her and it can be a lot of fun if both partners are very comfortable with each other. Some women may not like the idea straddling their partner’s face, while some men won’t like the fact that they have limited head and neck movement – especially if she starts getting into it and grinding her pelvis into his face.

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However, for some couples, this move is really hot! The male partner assumes a lying position and the female partner lowers her genitals over his face, straddling his head with each leg on one side of his head. There are a couple different ways to do this, but both require her to rest her weight on her knees. She can lean back and rest the remainder of her weight on her hands, or she can lean forward and get on all fours. Either way, this provides her lover with complete access to her genitals.

Where To Do It

Couch, bed, floor, backseat of the car, anywhere with enough space to lie down

Props You’ll Need

A pillow for his neck is a definite must!

Her O-Meter


This is an excellent oral sex position for her because she feels more in control here. She can move her pelvis to guide her clitoris to where she wants it to be, and she can rock and move in a way that gets her closer to orgasm – she’s not relying only on him to get her there.

His O-Meter


Many men enjoy this position, because they feel a little submissive here. Also, if a man isn’t that good at oral sex, he may feel better that she can maneuver herself so that she gets more pleasure, rather than relying only on him and his tongue movements to get her off.


Guys, reach down and masturbate while you’re giving her oral sex. She won’t necessarily be able to look behind her to see what you’re doing, but the idea that you love eating her out so much that you can’t help but touch yourself is extremely erotic for her – especially considering that many women think guys feel like giving them oral sex is a chore.

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