Face Thrust Oral Sex Position

Sex Position: Face Thrust

If he likes being in control, the Face Thrust oral sex position is an incredible turn on for him – however, some women may find it a little uncomfortable.

How To Do It

The female partner lies on her back on a surface, with her head propped up by a pillow. The male partner straddles her chest on his knees, bringing his penis close to her face. He can grasp her head and use it to help him thrust in and out of her mouth. The female partner does very little in the Face Thrust oral sex position.

Where To Do It

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A bed is surely to be the most comfortable place for this sex position, however it can be done on the couch or even on the floor if her head has enough support.

Props You’ll Need

You’ll need one or two pillows under her head and neck for support, and to raise her head enough for penetration.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


The Face Thrust oral sex position is probably not going to be her very favorite, simply because it can be quite uncomfortable for her. It’s easy to get a neck cramp in this position, and since her partner is in total control, she has no say over how fast she gives him head or how deep the thrusting goes. This can easily lead to gagging and difficulty breathing.

WARNING: It’s a good idea to develop a safe gesture she can use to let him know if he’s getting too freaky or if she’s uncomfortable in any way. Both partners need to agree that if the safe gesture is used, the action stops immediately.

His O-Meter


Most guys love the idea of being in total control of a blowjob, even if they don’t get to actually do it very often. In the Face Thrust oral sex position, he can hold her head while he thrusts in and out of her mouth, which is a huge fantasy for a lot of men. He totally digs this sex position!


Since her hands are free, she can use them to caress his lower back and buttocks. If he likes anal play, she can gently play with this area using her fingers, or even massage his prostate gland – just use lots of lube first!

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