Feedbag Sex Position

Sex Position: Feedbag

The Feedbag sex position is an interesting oral sex position for her that can be a little challenging for her but is very rewarding once it is accomplished.

How To Do It

The female partner lies on the couch with her rear at the edge of it and her legs and feet hanging off. Her partner then kneels in front of her, lifts her buttocks with his hands and places her legs over his shoulders. It’s a tight fit for his head to get in between her legs, but it can be a lot of fun once you get into the Feedbag sex position.

Where To Do It

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The couch is the best place for the Feedbag sex position.

Props You’ll Need

She may want a small pillow for her neck and upper shoulders, and he’ll appreciate a pillow, blanket or towel for his knees to rest on instead of the floor.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


The Feedbag sex position probably isn’t going to be her favorite position to receive oral sex in, but hey, she’s getting oral sex so it’s all good, right? Her legs aren’t spread very wide at all here, so her lover has limited access to the nerves on her inner labia and even parts of her clitoris. She’s also in a bit of an awkward position, however, the blood rushing to her head here can intensify her orgasm if he can get her there.

His O-Meter


If he really likes being enveloped by his lover’s vulva and legs, he’s going to love the Feedbag sex position. Supporting her weight like this isn’t too difficult for him, but he’ll likely enjoy other oral sex positions if he wants more control or freedom of movement.


He can easily reach forward and caress her thighs and belly, as well as stimulating her breasts and nipples with his hands!

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