Fire Hydrant Sex Position

Sex Position: Fire Hydrant

The Fire Hydrant sex position is a fun rear entry position that will bring out the animal in both partners! It’s easy to do, but also super sexy. It’s a simple variation on Doggy Style that mimics a dog “peeing” on a fire hydrant, hence the name. The position creates deeper penetration and gives both partners access to her clitoris.

How To Do It

For the Fire Hydrant sex position, you’re both going to get into the traditional Doggy Style sex position first, with her on all fours and him on his knees entering her from behind. She will simply lift up one of her legs at a ninety degree angle, hooking it around his hip and buttock.

Where To Do It

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Couch, bed, car, floor and anywhere you would do Doggy Style!

Props You’ll Need

If not having sex on a bed or other comfortable surface, a soft blanket laid out will protect the knees of both partners.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


While the Fire Hydrant sex position doesn’t afford a lot of clitoral stimulation, it does provide great access to the g-spot, and even the a-spot with penetration being so deep.

His O-Meter


He loves the animalistic feel of this sex position, and loves grabbing on to her hips and pulling her towards him as he thrusts. He’ll really like her leg hooked around him, and he can even reach down and stimulate her clitoris and labia with his hands as he gets his groove on.


If you have a large mirror, set it on the floor and have sex on it. The Fire Hydrant sex position opens her legs up for a very nice and ahem…not modest view of the action!

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