Frog Leap Sex Position

Sex Position: Frog Leap

The Frog Leap sex position is a super naughty twist on Doggy Style that gives him full access to her and facilitates super deep penetration. It’s hot!

How To Do It

The Frog Leap sex position gets its name from the way the female partner is positioned for thrusting. She is on her hands and feet with her knees bent, as though she were getting ready to play the childhood game “leap frog.” The male partner sits on his knees behind her like in traditional Doggy Style, and holds on to her hips while he thrusts. This creates deep penetration and new sensations for both partners!

Where To Do It

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The floor is probably the best place for the Frog Leap sex position, simply because the female partner needs a hard surface without a lot of give to it to maintain her balance.

Props You’ll Need

He might want a pillow for his knees, and a large soft blanket is always nice when you’re dealing with carpet. Carpet burn is no fun and can lead to interesting conversations the next day at work.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


The Frog Leap sex position is an awkward one for her to get into and stay in, unless she’s on the thinner side and has a lot of strength in her legs.

His O-Meter


He really enjoys the control he has in the Frog Leap sex position, and it’s comfortable for him because he isn’t doing anything differently than he normally does in the Doggy Style sex position.  He will also enjoy the view, especially if he prefers butts to breasts, or likes anal play at all.


Do it on the bed and have her grab on to the headboard or on a landing with a railing that she can grab on to. This will help support her and make this move super hot!

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