Grasshopper Sex Position

Sex Position: Grasshopper

While the Grasshopper sex position causes the penis to bend at an awkward way, this position can be super erotic for the flexible man. If you like exotic sex positions, the Grasshopper is definitely one you’ll at least want to try.

How To Do It

The female partner lies on a flat surface on her stomach, with her legs stretched out. She’s supporting her torso up on her arms, or she can lie her head down on a pillow if she likes. The male partner does all the work here like in the Jockey sex position, but it’s a little more challenging for him because the angle of penetration causes the penis to bend in an unnatural way. He will sit on the back of her thighs just under her buttocks and point his penis downward to enter her. His legs are open and each foot is on either side of his lover’s waist, and his hands are behind him and by her feet, supporting his weight. The Grasshopper sex position is definitely one that he wants to be very erect before trying – a soft or semi soft penis isn’t going to penetrate very well in this position at all.

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WARNING: Go slow when trying this, and if the angle of penetration is at all uncomfortable or painful, stop immediately! Some men just don’t have the flexibility to do the Grasshopper sex position and that’s perfectly okay. You don’t want to end up with a penile fracture just to say you tried this position.

Where To Do It

Although this can be done on any flat surface with enough space, the bed is probably a better bet than the floor for the Grasshopper sex position. Since you’re so focused on the angle of penetration and just how to get going in this position, you don’t want to have any logistic worries added to it.

Props You’ll Need

She may want a pillow to lie her head on if she’s not holding her torso up with her arms, but it’s not necessary.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


He’s not grinding up against her clitoris in the Grasshopper sex position and because his penis is at an awkward angle, she’s not going to be getting much g-spot stimulation either. This is, however, a comfortable position for her so it’s one that she can stay in while her lover works on getting penetration and thrusting to work.

His O-Meter


The odd angle that the penis must be bent to be able to penetrate isn’t comfortable for many men, and even if he does get it in, the thrusting action is going to be hard to figure out too. Since the Grasshopper sex position isn’t a super great one for him or her, it’s really just a novelty sex position to try. However, if you do accomplish it even for just a short period of time, doing something so different and exotic can be really hot!


Don’t worry about trying to make this sex position any hotter than it already is. You’ll be doing good to just get into it and actually thrust.

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