Handstand Sex Oral Sex Position

Sex Position: Handstand

The Handstand oral sex position is an oral sex position for him that is challenging yet very exciting if he can pull it off! Adventurous couples only.

How To Do It

The male partner does a handstand on the floor, with his legs straight up in the air. The female partner kneels in front of him, facing his groin, so she can perform oral sex on him.

Where To Do It

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The Handstand oral sex position is one to try at home – there’s a definite possibility of falling! He’ll probably want to do it on the floor as he won’t be able to support himself on the bed or other soft surface.

Props You’ll Need

He may want to lean with his back against the wall for more support as he’s doing the handstand. She may be more comfortable with a pillow under her knees.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


She’ll like the fact that it’s him getting into wacky sex positions instead of her, because it’s almost always the other way around!

His O-Meter


If he can pull off the Handstand oral sex position, it’s pretty fun for him. The blood rush to his head can make it more pleasurable, but on the other hand, he may find it difficult to maintain a strong erection with the blood going in the opposite direction. Also, the angle of his penis is a bit unnatural, so she definitely needs to be gentle here and not go too fast.


Don’t worry about trying to spice up the Handstand oral sex position – this one is plenty hot on it’s own if you can actually do it!

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