Jockey Sex Position

Sex Position: Jockey

The Jockey sex position is an old favorite for both rear entry vaginal intercourse and anal sex. It’s fun to do and comfortable for both partners. The position of her legs makes for a super tight entrance either way, making it hotter for him and her.

How To Do It

This is a fairly easy position to get into and is exceptionally comfortable for the female partner. All she does is lie on her stomach with her legs together, and he does the rest. He will straddle her on his knees, with one knee on either side of her hips and one hand on either side of her shoulders. This is partly why it is called the Jockey sex position – it looks kind of like a jockey riding a race horse!

Where To Do It

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This is a great sex position for the bed, because it allows the female partner to be even more comfortable. But it can be done on the couch, the floor or anywhere else she has enough space to lie down.

Props You’ll Need

She won’t mind a pillow to lay her head on, but it’s not necessary.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


While the Jockey sex position is ultra comfortable for her to get into and stay in, it really doesn’t do much for her in the way of orgasms. Since she is face down, her clitoris is getting pretty much zero action, and unless she really digs rear entry vaginal intercourse or anal sex, this sex position is going to be something she does for him.

His O-Meter


He enjoys being in control here, and if he’s a “butt guy,” he’s going to like this position even more. The tightness of her entrance created by her legs being pressed together is a huge plus for him too!


For more enjoyment on the female partner’s end, she can slip her hand in between her legs and stimulate her own clitoris during sex. This also works well (or even better!) if she’s using a sex toy like a clitoral vibrator.

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