Joystick Sex Position

Sex Position: Joystick

The Joystick sex position is a wild ride for both partners! It’s not difficult to do at all, but produces intense orgasms for him and her. Very hot!

How To Do It

The male partner sits on a flat surface like the bed or the floor and reclines, resting his weight on his elbows. His knees are bent and his legs are spread a little further than shoulder width apart. The female partner then straddles one of his thighs, facing away from him with her vulva pressed against his inner thigh and her buttocks facing her lover’s penis. She lowers herself down on to his penis and uses his leg to grind her clitoris against during intercourse.

Where To Do It

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The Joystick sex position requires some space, so a couch, chair or the backseat of the car isn’t a good option for this. Try the bed, the floor or anywhere else you have a fair amount of space to spread out.

Props You’ll Need

Pillows to help prop him up and a blanket for the carpet if you choose to use the Joystick sex position on the floor.

Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


She loves the Joystick sex position because she’s literally using his thigh as her “joy stick” – she can rub and grind her clitoris up against his inner thigh while riding him, creating intense clitoral friction and incredible orgasms.

His O-Meter


He also loves the Joystick sex position not only because he gets to see everything go down, but also because he takes great pleasure in her ecstasy. She can control her own orgasms here, so it’s a good option for men who aren’t too skilled at pleasing their partners during sex. “Butt guys” will love this sex position, because it provides a unique way to caress, fondle and play with her buttocks.


Put a few drops of lube on the inside of his thigh where she’s going to be rubbing her clitoris for an ultra slick, orgasmic feeling. She can also make the Joystick sex position better for him by turning around and making eye contact with him as she grinds against his thigh and fondles her own breasts.


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