Kneeling Embrace Sex Position

Sex Position: Kneeling Embrace

The Kneeling Embrace sex position is a sweet and sensual combination of sitting, rear entry and woman on top that is orgasmic for both partners.

How To Do It

In the Kneeling Embrace sex position, the male partner sits on a flat surface on his knees, with his knees together or spread only slightly apart. The female partner sits in a similar manner on top of her partner’s lap, facing away from him. Her knees are spread slightly to give her lover better access to her vagina.

Where To Do It

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While you can do the Kneeling Embrace sex position on the floor, it’s going to be hard on your knees if you choose to do so. You’ll want the comfort and space of a bed or futon folded down. This could, however, be a fun sex position to try outdoors on a soft bed of grass!

Props You’ll Need


Difficulty Level


Her O-Meter


If her lover has a smaller penis, the penetration isn’t going to be as deep in this sex position as others. However, she may enjoy the unique intimacy here, and the fact that he can reach around and fondle her breasts or clitoris.

His O-Meter


Because his legs are pressed together, his entire penile shaft isn’t going to get stimulated here, so the Kneeling Embrace sex position may not be his favorite. However, he’ll enjoy caressing and kissing his partner’s back as she grinds and thrusts against him.


Either partner can reach forward and stimulate her clitoris for more orgasm potential for her, and if you’re fairly adventurous you might also want to try anal sex in the Kneeling Embrace sex position. This may work better for women who are new to anal sex since penetration isn’t quite as deep as with other anal sex positions.

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